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Video Games Can Have Bad Effect on Children

Video games can have bad effect on children Nowadays, more and more children play Video games because there is a computer at almost every home.Moreover, the number of Internet shop has increased and playing games becomes easier.However, I believe that Video games are not beneficial for children but they have an negative impact on them.

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This paper, therefore, will argue that Video games can have bad effect on children First of all, computer games take a lot of time of the children.

If you want to play and become a big part of any games, you have to invest many hours per day. Besides, computer games have a strong power over children making them play many hours per day. This makes many children don’t have enough time to finish their homework and they grades in school become weaker over time. For example, my 15-year-old nephew used to play computer games approximately 4-5 hours per day. When his parents got his grades they realized that his performance was not satisfying.

My nephew’s teacher told they parents that he could not concentrate during the lectures and he rarely did his homework. Secondly, with some games, children who playing these games usually have a violent tendency. It’s because they’re still young and cannot distinguish where is the real and unreal world. Consequently, they usually have the strange actions like in their games. In the worse case, if we do not control them early, they will do wrong things in some days. In television news program last night, a boy was stabbed to death by his friends because they scramble for game items.

Finally, being addicted to games may lead to many social issues such as stealing. I’ve read a lot of newspapers showing that many children who lack of money for playing games decided to steal and lie their parents for money. In conclusion, children are future of the world, therefore, parents need to care and look after them as best as possible. Playing computer games is not prohibited, but we must control our kids usually. Give them more activities and limit the time playing game is the thing that parents should do.

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