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Customer Satisfaction

Essay Topic:

1. Do right things and do it right first time. This Total Quality Management Principle means that in work , one must be effective enough to do what is right. A person must produce quality work, not just an ordinary work that would affect an ordinary experience, but something that will cause you to be productive enough. Do the right things and do it the first time reflects that a person is obliged to do what is right or just and once you do it, do it like you’ve never done it before. Do it like it is your first time to do such, why?

Because once you do something like it was your first, you’ll give your one hundred and one percent of effort to it because you wanted an assurance of success. Example, your manager gave you a project, he had entrusted you this project so you have to give your best efforts to it.

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What you have to do is give your best while you’re doing it. This only proves that you deserve to have this project and soon your boss will entrust more projects to you and maybe give you a higher position for doing a great job.

2. Management by walking around. Another Total Quality Management principle is management by walking around. For me this means continuous improvement on what you’re doing plus respect and teamwork all throughout. Management is not just about being the leader and leading your subordinates but being a good subordinate as well. It’s best for a leader if he/she is also a good follower. As they say, a good leader is a good follower. When you learn to be a good leader you also learn how to pay respect to others. Giving respect is very much important in the industry.

You can’t stay long in your work if you won’t give and take respect. It’s like a mutual relationship that you have to develop in order to love your work. One must also have a strategic approach to improvement. One must not be settled and contented in being developed, because one must continue having productivity with his/her work. This will bring good effects in his/her work, because work is not just about going there everyday and doing the same old things because productivity and development will not surely go their way.

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