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Custom Coffee & Chocolate

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Mgmt 5000 Custom Coffee & Chocolate The mission of Custom Coffee & Chocolate is to provide lovers of fine chocolate and coffee a place to indulge themselves. From the cafe’s current offerings and proposed expansion, I do not think that the indulgence aspect of the mission statement is limited to the chocolate and coffee itself. I think that the menu variety, entertainment events and amenities that they will offer lend themselves to the mission of indulgence. The menu variety, for example allows one to indulge the pallet and explore the world through taste.

Entertainment events allow one to immerse themselves in the sounds and words of other cultures while relaxing and surfing the net all at once. The cafe’s strengths include knowledge of customer base, specialized products, repeat business and a high traffic location. Weaknesses are lack of financial capital, limited staff, and majority of business is takeout. They are also weak in their lack of marketing and short-term lease on property. The cafe does have some opportunities though.

The opportunities present are expanding the menu and services, marketing cafe as an entertainment or meeting venue, or include the always-popular wireless connection. Threats present for the cafe are other restaurants and businesses in the area. They are likely to see their success and create a similar offering of their own that features lower prices, better product or services. I believe that one of the first goals that Custom Coffee & Chocolate should achieve is extending their hours and staff. By achieving this goal first, it will make moving toward all their other goals flow smoothly.

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Their next steps should be to secure a wireless connection and begin to have small entertainment events. Brewer should begin to ramp up the cafe’s marketing plan by advertising the events and wireless access. The marketing campaign should be targeted in the local lounges, campus commons, and dorms. After the entertainment has been established as a success, it would provide a good test market to begin expanding the cafe’s menu into new areas. Then finally, they should launch a website for the cafe that features all their best assets.

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