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Cultural communication in France

French people have expectations for people they interact with in their country whether foreign or local. They look to people trying to express themselves in French, because they are proud of their culture and their history with all the roles it has played on the world affairs. They have a brief hand shake done when as greetings for when people and also as bye bye when people are leaving.

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During discussions people face each other and are close to each other. It is considered rude to chew a gun in public, and to have hands inside the pockets while speaking to people or in public.

Political discussions are usually common subjects in discussion which gets interesting since they are heated debates, this is a form of entertainment but people prefer not to talk about how they voted, or are planning to vote. At introductions people prefer to use the first name alone. At work, in schools there lacks the spirit of team work as students are taught on a system which encourages individual goal realization. Their dressing is more formal as compared to Americans, but they are not so conservative and they prefer to express their individuality by their way of dressing at work.

Dark colored fabrics with patterns are in preference to light colored ones. In their meetings they spend so much time analyzing and little time on aims and steps to take. Meetings done over meals will only commence towards the end of a meal e. g. at dessert. French people are not so consciously punctual. They are a clear line between official matters and those that are private. Privacy is respected; knock and wait for an answer before you enter into a room. Organizations are based on hierarchy and centralization.