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Connection Between Humans and Dolphins

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Jessica C. Apolinar 04. 15. 13 EN-202-02 Example Essay Dolphins are widely known as humans' close relatives from the sea or so the “other humans” who chose to live in the sea. They have human characteristics that most animals do not have. They are amazingly intelligent, friendly, and genetically similar. A research done by John Lilly concludes that dolphins are in fact intelligent as humans.

Many other scientists have studied dolphin behaviors years ago and now have come to a possible result of dolphins being the closest relatives to humans. Their brains are larger than human brains, but they are able to think like humans. This is why most humans are more intrigued by their kind than any other animal and would easily train them to do tricks like waving good-bye or hello. Another characteristic would be their friendliness. Dolphins are popular for their friendliness toward humans.

They are very playful and would mainly interact with humans more often than any other animal. They could be seen in dolphin shows like the show “Skipper”. They would also play around boats or ships putting a show for the people and are also famous for saving human lives either from drowning or being attacked by sharks. One last recent discovery was their genetic make-up are surprisingly similar to human genetics. Research has proven that humans and dolphins have more in common than they thought they have.

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An experiment from Texas A;M University tried to apply human chromosomes with the dolphin chromosomes, and they have discovered that out of the 22 dolphins 13 dolphin chromosomes were similar to human chromosomes. They have also found 3 other genes that was similar to human genes. There has been many studies of dolphins and up to this moment scientists still wonder how humans and cetaceans are alike. Although dolphins live on water while humans live on land, scientists still believe that there is still a connection between humans and dolphins that still needs to be discovered.

Dolphins' close interactions with humans and their similar characteristics are just evidence of how humans and dolphins relate. Work Cited Peterson, Paula, and Seema Kumar. "The Dolphin-Human Connection. " Earthcode InternationalNetwork. N. p. , n. d. Web. 14 Apr 2013. <http://paulapeterson. com/dolphin_human_connection. html>. Dudzinski, Kathleen, Frohoff, Toni, . Dolphin Mysteries : Unlocking the Secrets of Communication. NEW HAVEN AND LONDON: YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS, 2008. eBook.

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