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Concept of Epigenetics

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The basic concept of epigenetic is a simple pattern for human development. There are different marks needed to expedite these marks which some include encoding RONA'S, DNA meditation and even CPA denunciations. Epigenetic work very complicated they maintain the cell cycle which changes the differences when it comes to expressing genes without changing the DNA sequence.

When dealing with germ cells and the developing embryo the reprogramming and remaking the right amount of epigenetic when it comes to the major time periods of placement in cell types. The early regulation of development includes the X- chromosome being active and starts to imprint they will eventually change in time respectively. Disorders- There could be lots of disorders that can be lead by epigenetic like Subjectivity and imprinting disorders to humans. Also plenty of Phenotype variation that runs from normal variation to human disease/disorders. There are lots of environmental affects to the human and offspring.

There have been studies that nutrition has something to do with the death rate with articulators disease and diseases which could be passed on from offspring to offspring whether its dads side or moms. Studies show that if a father doesn't have enough food or nutrients in a certain period of time most likely when hitting puberty his offspring are less likely to die from cardiovascular diseases. Surprisingly if food is plenty for a certain period time then offspring are more likely to get disease. Changes in diet can change genes which are then passed down to offspring from male.

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Technology- Plenty of changes to epigenetic technology. Some of these changes include how processes not Just at specific genes but can also study the changes in epigenetic that Just occurred. There have also been techniques used to assess the enzymes which make it easier for people using the machine and trying to study the enzymes. Issues Economical- This field of epigenetic has been growing and researchers say that this means that the market for investors will open up. There is a project called "The Cancer Genome Atlas" this project made $50 million from different institutes.

This project also made a grant total of $3. 5 million which has a goal in mind that epigenetic changes that cause cancer. Souses comment that this money is small and will grow in the coming years. Companies have been making epigenetic drugs for the public and to put on the market, but this is tough for people to reach since epigenetic is infancy. Political- Some people could take advantages from this issue and may benefit them while it will be the complete opposite for others. There will be privacy issues to play in on an individual. The law system doesn't have any for epigenetic data.

With this the digitization of medical records which holds a lot of information of a person could be stolen/lost a lot more significantly numbers could be increasing. Societal- Environmental changes can happen since there are epigenetic phenomena. Plenty of these changes are made in the beginning of one's development and can have a major impact for a individuals life p. Lots of evidence that epigenetic types can be generational inherited in animals as well. But on the other hand gives the inheritance a longer life p. Environmental and Ethical Issues

Epigenetic can cause lots of diseases to offspring's. The epigenetic causes effects in fetus which can have obesity and have a shorter life p. It can have a major response to the environment and can intake during pregnancy or the growth of a child. During puberty for both genders male and female both directly have impact the health of subsequent offspring due to the DNA patterns. This mechanism if changed the availability of methodology or changing enzymes could have a major effect. But a solution to this would be a UN-balanced protector energy restricted diet an help epigenetic marks.

Diagrams Sources I think my sources were pretty reliable considering they were from research groups or university researchers. I would give them plenty of credit since I had no previous knowledge on this topic but after reading a couple of articles I got the basic idea behind the technology. Other websites got into to much detail or were too complicated to read and didn't really talk about the major points. The websites I was on were written by doctors and medical students that have knowledge on epigenetic and know if its trending in the future or not.

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