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A New Product Concept

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Every parent wants his child to develop good logical thinking skills and learn new things. That is why many parents employ different tutors or coaches for their children. Certainly, it is impossible to underestimate the contribution of books and developing games, but frequently children are getting bored of solving different problems or puzzles and throw such games away.

Therefore, a new product concept is a new type of a developing game, which will offer a reward for solving one or another puzzle or problem.

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It is a new generation of heuristic games, which uses a powerful stimulation – a bonus (it can be some money, a chewing gum, a cinema ticket, and so on), which can not be reached in other way but solving a puzzle.

A number of the first bonuses will be placed into the game box by the manufacturer, and after those prizes are won by the child, parents can place new bonuses of their own choice and make different exciting surprises for their kid. In addition, it will be possible to choose a type of bonus stimulation: giving a bonus for every single puzzle solved, or giving some bigger bonus for a number of problems solved, etc.

The game will have an option of selecting a level of difficulty, so it can be used for children of different ages, starting from 5 and above. Undoubtedly, this game develops not only logical thinking, but also, persistence, determination, willpower and perseverance. The main advantage of this game is the opportunity to transform the process of learning into some real fun and entertainment, which will also be rewarded in the end.

I suppose that this innovative developing game will receive a good demand and find its market easily. This product does not require any sophisticated technological process of manufacturing and can be produced from a polymer material, which is safe for children.

It is possible to use different color designs and decoration. At the most modest estimate, it is possible to start manufacturing of such games within 6-7 month, and receive the first profits in 3-4 month after entering the market. This business idea does not require huge financial investments and other resources, besides it has important social implication.


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