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Compound sentence

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The setting is a very important part of any plot. It sets the scene, gives visualization, and develops the theme. In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird, the settings of Scouts house, Mrs. Dubos house and the schoolhouse are exceptionally important. It is in these places that Scout learns important life lessons. In the Finch's house Scout learns about manners and to tolerate other people. Clearing, the housekeeper, spends lots of time teaching Scout proper manner and how to treat people.

One of the biggest lessons learned is that looks deceive us and not to Judge someone till you walked in their shoes. She learns to tolerate people when Walter Cunningham comes over for lunch one day. Walter Cunningham is described as, "looked as if he had been raised on fish food... Had no color in his face... And fingered the straps of his overalls," (Lee )which is an insult to his health. It describes his as skinny, pale, and not in good health. As they eat the poor molasses all over his meal, disgusting but also intriguing Scout at the same time.

Not understanding she comments, "what the Sam hill he was doing"(Lee ). This immediately enrages Clearing and she scolds Scout. Callers reaction caused Scout to realize that she must be more aware of the ways of other people and that she needs to tolerate and accept them and accept them for who they are no matter how different or strange. However, Calendar Isn't the only person In the Finch home that has taught her important lessons. Attic's Finch has taught Scout some of the most Important lessons about society and why people are the way they are.

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Compound sentence

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