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Comparative Study of Visible Light Spectra Emitted

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One discrepancy is that according to the table above, LED must be the most saturated, this is not the case for the experiment, however, due to the age of the device and its degenerated bulbs one of the major faults of first generation LED displays Another part of the objectives of the study was to compare the light spectra with respect to different colors as well as brightness the group initially tried altering the intensity Of the light sources to see if changing the intensity would cause a significant difference in the observations.

The only difference found by increasing (or decreasing) the light intensity was that the visible light spectrum was brighter (or dimmer). No other characteristic of the visible light spectrum changes. 4. Conclusion Given the characteristics based on the grabs standard, it is apparent that the monitor with the most accurate color reproduction is the PIPS screen followed by the LED and lastly the Retina. Color reproduction can be concluded to be directly related to the width of the white light spectra produced by the screens; the wider the spectra the more accurate the color reproduction. The

LED not matching the literature for having the most saturated display of color is because of the degenerated bulbs that is a common problem for first generation LED screens. The resolution, on the other hand, did not seem to affect the visible light spectra. Comparing the light spectra with different brightness does not vary the results; it only contributes to the brightness or dimness of the spectra. In future experiments, some of the improvements considered are finding a more standardized color application, using a more advanced spectrometer, and comparing newer devices.

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Comparative Study of Visible Light Spectra Emitted

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