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Community Memorial Hospital

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As the Chief Financial Officer of Community Memorial Hospital, I realize that it is important for all individuals to get the full benefits of their insurance and to be able to get their claims processed in a timely fashion. I also realize the importance of the community patients and our employees benefiting from their health plans. The recent signing of the contract with MegaPlan Health is of great concern and worry. The cut-throat tactics, negotiation tactics, and claims processing fights of MegaPlan Health are known throughout the hospital world.

The signing of this contract will not be favorable with many of the employees. For the employees to continue to use the services provided by Community Memorial Hospital, it is imperative that we become a part of the Preferred Provider Network (PPN) or risk losing employees as patients as well as members of the community. I think the advice of CEO Katrina Eaton and CNO Nancy Strittmater are very influencing. They both seem to have the employees’ best interest at heart.

Since the contract has already been signed, it would not of great benefit to try to pull back out of the plan. As suggested by the CEO, we will prepare our own reasonable contract proposal to present to MegaPlan Health and try to come to acceptable and agreeable terms that will be pleasing to our employees and community patients. We cannot afford the risk of losing patients. This would hurt the hospital tremendously. If the people have to travel long distances and change doctors, this will not be very pleasing to them.

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The terms that Community Memorial Hospital will present to MegaPlan Health must show the concern of its current patients and employees and must be suitable for the cut-throat tactics of MegaPlan Health. The suggestions of the CNO to just go ahead and sign the contract and to do it immediately are of great consideration as well. Community Memorial Hospital does not need bad rumors floating throughout its halls, and we certainly cannot risk losing some of our best nurses.

We certainly don’t want our employees to panic and be of great distress. As the CFO, the interests of Community Memorial Hospital are first and foremost in my mind. I definitely want to provide my employees with the best health care plan, but I don’t want to put the hospital at risk for charges that exceed above 20%. The contract proposal that we will have to prepare will definitely stress that. Community Memorial Hospital still needs to operate and stay afloat.

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