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Communication is an important factor that influences the group’s behavior and plays a crucial role to decide whether the group can achieve the goals. It is difficult for us to use a second language when stating our opinion. Poor English speaking make us cannot explain It well and lead to misunderstanding when we planning the satellites.

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According to Uremia (2009) point out that the cross language communication does not always convey exactly what we want to stating and the targeted receiver may receive less of more that what it is intended to convey.

However, using the single word or simple sentence to express the idea is one of the skills can help to closing the communication gap (Emerald Insight Staff, 2004). In retrospect it’s obviously make sense because we have a clarity expression when doing the ‘blind man move wood game’ while using the simple sentence to stating our intention. Culture has a profound influence on perceptions of respect, in which respect is communicated across cultures not only for verbal communication but also nonverbal communication (Bailey, 1997: 329).

In China, It shows polite manners to look at other when talking with them. However, It Is Impolite In Pakistan culture that makes our team comes out with conflict. Non-verbal communication Is rooted In culture and depends heavily upon cultural knowledge for Its effective use and interpretation (Hill, Anne; Rivers, Danny; Watson, James, 2008). On the other hand, non-verbal communication can also have an encourage effect on the team.

When we have the cannoning competition, our team member use body language such as hurtful gestures to show they are encouraging us cause by it rains a lot that we cannot hear clearly that have a positive signs of support for our teammate. Reference: Uremia Rat; S. M. Rat; Effective Communication. Iambi, MIND: Global Media, 2009. UP. Emerald Insight Staff (2004) (Contribution by) Communication Strategies, Bradford, KGB: Emerald Group Publishing Ltd, 2004. IIOP Hill, Anne; Rivers, Danny; Watson, James (2008) Key Themes In Interpersonal Communication: Culture, Identities and Performance.