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Communication and information handling

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You should be able to complete this observation in the course of your normal duties as you implement a care plan. It may be best if the individual you choose to communicate with is someone you have not spent much time with before. You need to get the permission of the others involved for the assessor to observe you in your work tasks. As an alternative to your assessor, you may, with your assessor's agreement, arrange for an expert witness to observe and write an account of this observation. Your assessor will want to see you communicating with the individual, with your colleagues and with others, in the best way for them.

Your assessor will also be looking out for: a) how you find out and meet the individual's needs, wishes and preferences in b) how you reduce barriers to communication c) how you check that your communication has been understood d) how you seek advice about communication e) how you demonstrate confidentiality when talking to your colleagues and others f) how you take into account the individual's preferences about their care plan and the likelihood of danger or harm arising from their choices Your assessor may ask you some follow-up questions about using a care plan and risks.

When preparing for the professional discussion with your assessor you will need to consider how to seek advice, support and information about a range of topics including: effective communication confidentiality equality, diversity and inclusion partnership working and resolving conflicts. Your assessor will plan the content of your professional discussion and will advise you to help you to prepare beforehand. The professional discussion may cover more than this section of your Assessment Workbook.

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Communication and information handling

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Discussion process The discussion process will offer you the opportunity to show that you know how and when to seek additional guidance and information in a variety of situations. The assessor will also wish to discuss how you To prepare for your professional discussion, you should think about how you could answer questions such as the following: Within your workplace, who should you go to for information, advice and support? When should you approach someone in your organization for information, advice and support? Who should you approach outside your own organization for information, advice When should you approach them? How should you find out this information from different sources? How useful is the information from each source? Is there anything you could do differently when you try to find out information in the future?

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