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Handling Difficult People

How to handle difficult people General purpose: To inform Specific purpose: I will speak on how to handle difficult people Thesis statement: I will explain how to handle difficult people by first introducing the topic and discussing different ways to handle difficult people. * Attention getter: “Difficult people are your key to self empowerment, you need to learn how to cope with them, not let them dominate and affect you”. * Audience Motivation: So why do we need to handle difficult people?

Well in life we face more than one difficult people and knowing how to handle them will not just make this world better but makes your life a lot easier and smooth.

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* Credibility: I have dealt with difficult people for over 10 years. I also took some help from my research articles and by reading a book “ how to handle difficult people” by John Townsed. * Thesis -Purpose: I will inform on how to handle difficult people -Preview: at first, I will start by explain/defining difficult people.

Second, I will discuss different measures to handle difficult people and lastly I will repeat the main points. I. First, definition A. Handle B. Difficult (Now that we have understood the meaning , we can discuss the measures. ) II. Time to discuss the measures. A. Understanding that people are difficult for reason B. May be you are difficult for him/her C. Step on his shoes and think D. Go to higher authority E. Avoid him or don’t think of him Now that we know how to handle difficult people, lets review) 1. Summary: Today we have learned that we can handle difficult people in various ways depending where and when. We learned that we have to take control of ourselves first and be careful on how you are going to react. 2. Closing: the more you confront difficult people, the easier it becomes. When you confront and handle difficult people around you, people respect for your courage, your honesty and control over yourself.

Your associate, employees or co- workers for example and taking positive action, despite fear, is kind of courage all successful people must have to succeed. Work Cited Townsend, John. Handling Difficult People: what to do when people try to push your buttons. New York. Thomas Nelson. April 21, 2009. Print “Dumb Little Man | Tips for Life. ” 9 Useful Strategies to Dealing with Difficult People at Work. N. p. , n. d. Web. 25 Nov. 2012. <http://www. dumblittleman. com/2009/07/9-useful-strategies-to-dealing-with. html>.

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