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Shays Rebellion brought debates over the constitution. People were fighting about Shays Rebellion because they were unhappy. They were unhappy because they believed they were not getting the freedoms they deserved. Shays Rebellion got Its name after a guy named Daniel Shay. He was a farmer who refused to pay taxes on his land because he believed he should not have to. So, when they came to take it away he put up a fight.

Daniel Shay rebelling gave others the guts to stick up for what they wanted as well. This was being discussed In the court because people started to voice their disagreements with The Articles of Confederation since Daniel Shay did. Block 2-After Shays Rebellion This block shows where the next convention took place. There was obviously a problem with the articles. Originally the meeting was to fix the articles, but instead they created something completely different. Block 3-Articles of Confederation The third block represents the constitutional convention and people arguing about whether or not the U.

S government should be ran on The Articles of Confederation. It was written so that the united States had rules to abide by and to finally have some of their own law In order. The Articles had many problems with It though, With It congress has no right to tax, they also had no power to regulate foreign and interstate commerce, there was no national court system, and several others. Block 4- Virginia Plan The fourth block Is showing representatives of Virginia coming up and having a plan that they believe will solve a ma]orally of the Issues.

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The purpose of the Virginia Plan was to protect the large states' interests in the new government. Many smaller states disagreed with this. Block 5-Virginia Plan Problems This block represents the problems with the Virginia Plan. Obviously the main Issue which all the delegates could tell right away was the unfair advantage the larger states got. They had this idea that every state would only have two representatives which was not in the smaller states favor again. Block 6- New Jersey Plan The sixth block has delegates coming up to the stand to speak on behalf of the reports of the New Jersey Plan.

In this block It also shows how Connecticut also had a plan yet it was ignored and was not even acknowledged. That is showed by the delegate representing the Connecticut Plan with his hand up yet not being acknowledged. The NJ Plan was brought up after the Virginia Plan, it was a way for the smaller states represent themselves and to also make sure that they got the liberties that they needed. Under the NJ Plan Congress had the power of setting and collecting taxes which some looked as good and others viewed as a negative.

Block 7- Problems with the NJ Plan This block continues with the NJ Plan being discussed but people now are beginning to bring up the good and bad points on it, bad Including each state having the same number of representatives. Meaning a small group would have the same number as 1 OFF possible to pass laws some laws that not all the people would agree with. Block 8- The Great Compromise The eighth block shows The Great Compromise finally being adopted after a week and a half and tons of discussion on July 16th.

The Great compromise was a ambition of the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan featuring the fact that none of them had enough good things about them for it to be adopted by itself. It can also be known as The Connecticut Plan because while coming up with it Connecticut finally got a voice. Block 9- How Great compromise led to the constitution Well first off it had a big impact on all states. They all agreed that they should have two senators and that they should have an equal amount of representatives. Which was a plus that they finally agreed on that because in both plans they had different opinions on that topic.

When it was passed it brought hope and spirit to the people of the U. S. That hope helped to lead the idea of the Constitution. Block 10-The "Real Revolution" After The Great Compromise being accepted finally it solved several issues and allowed the states to finally have a government that seemed reliable. The Real Revolution was more than the War of Independence. It began before the war with Britain and it lasted until after due to the fact that it was a revolution worth fighting for. So, this block shows people getting along and agreeing happily for the first time in a long time.

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