Climate Change Awareness Begins with Me

Last Updated: 05 Aug 2021
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  1. To encourage youth from youth organizations, schools and communities to learn/learn more about global warming and Climate Change concepts (Think Green) and engage in simple Green Solutions at the individual/community level.
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  3. To assist young people in understanding the Commonwealth initiative as it pertains to Education for Sustainable Development.
  4. To provide opportunities for experiential learning on the environment through nature appreciation, work group activities and other interactive knowledge elements.
  5. To assist youth in developing their critical thinking skills. Problem Statement The long-term alteration in global weather patterns, especially increases in temperature and storm activity, and the potential of sea-level rise, will have a detrimental impact on Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

Like all countries of the world, Trinidad and Tobago will need to play its part in decreasing its carbon emissions and encouraging its population to: “Think Green, Then Act to Impact (TGTAI). ” Additionally, there is an urgent need to address the gap between information-on-the- street and knowledge leading to action at the micro-levels in communities. In a preliminary baseline survey conducted by TGTAI’s volunteers, on conceptual knowledge of Global Warming & Climate Change, 77% of the persons surveyed either did not know what was global warming this included mistaking the circumstance of ozone layer depletion for global warming.

Among this group, the youth also had difficulty expressing these concepts. Presently there is no collective ESD initiative which provides opportunities for youth to learn through a learning environment that is more natural, to learn basic concepts associated with global warming and climate change, while enabling them with opportunities to engage at individual level, simple energy-saving and conservation activities within their home/school units.

Additionally very little exposure has been provided for youth to engage in understanding the role of the Commonwealth in supporting ESD initiatives among local youth. Project Description “Climate Change Awareness Begins With Me” is a One-Day highly interactive ESD Collaboration which seeks to jointly engage youth in exposure to (and in some instances), concretizing their Global Warming/Climate Change knowledge.

Youth will be engaged in four ESD learning areas/modules:

  • Nature and Ecosystem Appreciation
  • Global Warming & Climate Change Commonwealth & ESD Initiatives
  • Green Solutions
  • Nature and Ecosystem Appreciation
  1. Participants will learn about overall environmental awareness by encouraging learning in a natural setting with opportunities provided to interact and learn from nature, a trail experience and interaction with wildlife elements. This preliminary intervention will hopefully help the young people to gain a deeper appreciation of the importance of existing ecosystems and to see themselves also playing a responsible role in their conservation/protection.
  2. Global Warming & Climate Change Participants will learn basic global warming and climate change concepts and will be able to demonstrate linkages between anthropogenic (man-made) activities and their emerging/existing impact on human well-being and the natural environment.
  3. Commonwealth & ESD Initiatives Participants will learn the structure of the Commonwealth, to determine its benefits and to understand the existing/emerging role of the Commonwealth for ESD Initiatives.
  4. Participants will develop and be exposed to simple Green Solutions that they can individually carry out in their homes while transmitting knowledge in various ways for others in the home/school/community to do same.

Project Methodology

The Lead Youth Agencies who will engage in Pre-implementation work/activities:

  • Commonwealth RYC Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Junior Environmentalists of Trinidad and Tobago (JETT) and its TGTAI Volunteers.

Key Project Elements

  • Use of Interactive Think Green Workshops in a Natural Setting.
  • Use of Visual Stimulation through Trail/Nature Experiences
  • To Encourage Nature Appreciation.
  • Provision of Problem-Solving Opportunities for Participants to Engage in Critical-thinking and Real-life Application.
  • Encouraging by Facilitators of Youth Capacity to Create and Adopt a Green Charter.

Project Sustainability

Each Participant will also receive 100 Green Solutions which they will be encouraged to disseminate among their peers, families and communities. Participants will also have the opportunity to create and adopt a Green Declaration, which symbolizes their commitment to educate and act on in their own spheres of influence, their peers, families and communities on Global Warming & Climate Change towards a low carbon emission.

This will include acquiring a goal of 5,000 signatures for the Green Declaration, an indication of the young individual’s willingness to support through daily commitments, Environmental Education and environmentally-friendly activities as laid out in the Green Declaration.

Evaluation & Monitoring

  1. Feedback from Participants (an evaluation questionnaire).
  2. Evaluation Meetings by Project Team.



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