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Class and School Size

Essay Topic:

It is important for students to receive the best education that their schools can offer to them because this would greatly contribute to their future and overall performance. Education is a significant part of a person’s life. Without it, people would have a hard time finding suitable and satisfying jobs and earn money. Still, several factors can affect a person’s learning process. Class and school size are important factors in students’ learning because this would affect their behavior and way of thinking.

A class or school that is made up of a large number of students would be hard because it would mean that teachers and instructors would have a hard time monitoring each and everyone’s progress. They would not be able to concentrate on each child, which would somehow have a negative effect on the student because they would feel neglected and unimportant as compared to those who are being closely monitored.

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As such, there is a possibility that the students’ learning and education would suffer because they would feel that they are not important members of the school’s community.

A small sized class or school has its pros and cons. It would be good for the students because they would be guided and taught without much difficulty. They would also be able to build a close relationship with their classmates and their professors, which would help make them feel comfortable and can encourage them to learn. However, this type of setting would make the students used to being monitored and even “spoon-fed” with information. They may have a hard time adjusting when they encounter places where the population is larger, whether in another school or at the workplace environment.

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