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Whet also make recombinant factor too. After entering China, recombinant factor develops fast with annual sales value rising from less than CCNY 6 million in 2009 to CCNY 93. 78 million in 2014 and CARR reaching up to 76. 8% dung 2009-2014. Currently, recombinant factor in the Chinese market are all imported drugs. They mainly come from the following three companies: Baxter Bioscience Manufacturing (SW), Whet Farm S. A. (SP) and Brayer (the US), among which Brayer (the US) has the largest market share of 57. 40% by sales value in 2014.

As hemophilia's' ability to pay for medical treatment keeps increasing due to economic development, the market size of recombinant factor in China is expected to keep expanding. Download Detail Report With Complete TCO at: http://www. Nonrepresentational. Biz/sample/sample/289172 Readers can get at least the following information from this report: sales status of recombinant factor in China price of recombinant factor in Chinese market major manufacturers of recombinant factor in Chinese market share of dosage forms of recombinant factor in China market outlook of recombinant factor in China

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