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Chimney Sweeper Analysis

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Chimney Sweeper Context the poem childhood away from them to how he received a (background of Subject Matter the Introduction of Industrialism took many children's pleasant childhood according to most sources. To the reader is that with the introduction of industrialism came the diminishing of many lives and childhoods as they were forced into slavery and work. Also, parenting can be see as a subject due to the fact in the first stanza, Blake mentions how one parent sold their child after the other passed away, honing how careless they were.

The government Is also a target of this poem because of the fact that they didn't attempt to stop child labor which occurred throughout the beginning of industrialism. The subject of innocence can be seen throughout this poem because of the slavery which occurred. With the slavery of children came the loss of their innocence. Style Onomatopoeia: Use this technique in words like "weep! " and repeatedly to help depict the situation which it is describing. Rhyme: In the form of ABA, the rhyme in this poem arks together with enjambment to help the poem flow smoothly.

Foreshadowing: This technique is used through the words "And he opened the coffins & set them free". These words foreshadow the freeing of the enslaved children from working in the industrial factories. Colloquial language: The use of slang and informal words, such as "&" and "opened", help the poem run smoother and effectively emphasis the vowels within the words. The poets William Flake's purpose to write this poem was to comment? ) beginning of industrialism, especially in terms of repose (social help the reader understand what it was like at the what children experienced.

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Chimney Sweeper Analysis

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Industrial brought Jobs which needed filling, resulting in the slavery of children, so Blake is trying to tell us that it was wrong to strip the children of their innocence. Also, his use of first person in his writing helps create a more accurate experience in contrast to a second or third person view. Links to Romanticism Romanticism is about nature and how much the romantics worshiped it but it is also about industrialism and the effects which it brought. This mom focus' on industrialism and what it meant for children.

Blake talks about how a child was sold and forced into slavery to work in the industrial factories. Like how romanticism is about innocence, the children which Blake is referring to in this poem lost their innocence as soon as they were enslaved and forced to work at such a young. Also, the romantics loved nature and practically treated it as a religion, so when industrial factories were built over nature, like it would have been in the poem, the nature lost its innocence like the children.

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