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Child development- visit

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I will be checking on his current PIES development by observing lacuna's creatively and his Imagination skills. As this Is my first evils I will be analyzing all the developments including: Physical, social, intellectual and emotional development, this is because haven't seen Ashcan in a long time and therefore he must have developed in some areas. Therefore, will be observing his gross motor skills by monitoring while he Is Jumping of the trampoline and his fine motor skills by watching while he is painting and drawing on the paper. Expectation: I expect the child to be able to Paint, to draw and Linking the pictures to its words.

Which means that he has to ask if he cannot read the words. According to the milestone a child aged 3-6 years old should be able to: pedals a tricycle, stands on one foot for ten seconds or longer, Hops, somersaults, Swings, climbs, May be able to skip, Recalls part of a story, Speaks sentences of more than five words, Uses future tense e. G. 'l will do this later', Tells longer stories, Says name and address, Draws person with body and many more things. Therefore, I also expect my child to do this mind of things and by doing my activities Ill find out whether the child can do what the milestone of a child says.

Risk assessment: Risks How to prevent It Rorschach could poke his eye with the pencil He might pour water or paint on the floor and by this he could fall down ; He might drop while he is jumping on the trampoline. This can be because of the trampoline being damaged Remind him to put his pencil down after finishing drawing ; Advice in a friendly way to be careful with the equipment he has. ; In order for the child to not fall, I'll make sure that I check the trampoline properly tore putting Arkansan inside the trampoline.

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Observation: The first day I went to see him, he seemed really happy as he knows me well. After we said hi I thought it will be a good idea if I Just start the activities straight away before he gets distracted by anything and I then thought that it would've been the best moment to observe his skills. Before When I told him that we are going to do some painting, linking pictures to its words and drawing which he seemed to like it and when I asked him what do you want to paint , he said ' I want draw my mother. ' From this Eve understood that the child's communicating skills is quite good.

Activity 1: Rorschach seemed that he was interested of the activity that Eve chose and I have noticed that he was holding the paint brush using a five finger holding the brush; this will develop his fine motor skills even though he did not paint some part properly, as he found it difficult control the brush to draw the face. Furthermore, he told me what color he was going to use to paint different areas of the face. When he couldn't make the color that he wanted he asked me politely to create the color for IM and to teach him how I made it.

While he was doing the task, I was asking him few question in order to observe the language that he uses and how he says different things in different ways. I asked the child things to do with the task that he was doing, the first question that I asked him is 'Between all the colors, which of the colors do you like the most? And off course I said it in a slow motion so that the child understands me and so Rorschach answered proudly 'l like blue, engage, red and black he answered the question correctly but his pronunciation of the word 'orange' as incorrect as he said 'engage'.

Then after a few minutes I asked him a different question. The question was 'do you like painting and if you like painting then tell me why? When the child replied he said 'l like painting because I like to draw my likes? He answered the question but his phrase was incorrect and I knew what exactly the child meant and what I did is that I corrected the phrase. By doing this I ensure that the child develops his language skills as well as his confident skills. However, this may upset the child as he might think that I'm getting rude to him according to me.

While he was doing all the work: physically he was very active he had lots of energy needed to complete the task, intellectually his spatial awareness is excellent, emotionally he is getting confident and socially he's become more and more independent. As soon as he finished drawing, he was happy he had finished it and he soon took it to his parents and showed his parents and they both looked really pleased. Not only his parents, but also he is proud of himself and the fact of who he is.

After the activity he also showed me his work and he seemed to be really pappy and he started to Jump around, this will develop his emotional and also his confidence as he is very proud of himself. Furthermore, as the child finished the task 5 minutes early, I decided to have a little chat about his school and these are the 5 following questions that I asked Rorschach one by one: what school do you go to? , What's you teachers name? , what do you learn in school? , what's your friends' name?

And what do you do during break time? This questions are important for the child to answer and especially the first two question because it en goes to a school trip and et lost then he could ask someone for help as he is fluent in English and he knows details about him and his school. At the end of the activity I had asked for Archon's permission if I can take his work to school for my coursework. Although he was really sad and upset at the beginning, eventually he gave me the painting as he knew that I needed for my work.

This also shows that he is confident and not scared of other people seeing it. From this, Eve understood that the child's emotional skills will become better as he grows. Also self-esteem is very important in all living humans ND I believe that my child's confidence is increasing as he doesn't mind showing his work to other people. His body functioning was excellent and whenever there was something to do with the 5 sense I realized that the child that Eve chosen is very sensitive.

Activity: After we had a 10 minutes break and as I wanted to do another activity so I began to persuade Rorschach to do another activity with me. When I told him that we are going to do some linking words with pictures he seemed to be not interested as he is a boy he likes to do some physical activity than creative. However, I told him I will give him sweets if he does well then he was more than happy to help me. When we started he was very concentrated on the pictures and he was looking at the pictures and the words properly and reading it thought it.

This will develop his intellectual and his emotional as well as reading skills. He was reading and he was concentrated on the new activity that Eve set him this was an easy activity but it was supposed to take about 25 minutes as I had a lots of images and words that goes together. Activity 3 Evaluation of visit: Evaluation of PIES: Visit 2 Name of the child: Rorschach Date of visit: 09/09/13 Age of child at time of visit: 4 years and 9 month Started Time: 16:00 p. M.

Time spent: 2 hours Location: A the child's house Making cakes Acting activity Collage Aim and planning of the visit : The aim of the activity that I planned is to be able to observe how Rorschach is able to compete the activities that I have planned. The activities were to be able do a collage, do some acting for example like Dora and make cakes with the correct ingredients with help of an adult. I will be checking on his current PIES development by observing Archon's creatively and his imagination skills.

As this is my second visit I will also be analyzing all the developments including; Physical, social, intellectual and emotional development, this is because I haven't seen Rorschach in a long time and therefore he must have developed in some areas. Therefore, I will be observing his gross motor skills by monitoring while he is Jumping of the trampoline and his fine motor skills by watching while he is doing the activities that I have chosen. All the activity that I have chosen contains something do to with fine motor skills as well as gross motor skills. Expectation

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