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Chardham Yatra: Way to Moksha

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The Hindu philosophy of life is, when a man attains salvation or mukti, only then he is able to release himself from the repeated cycle of lives and death or reincarnations. It is believed that to come out of this whirlpool of life the best way is -to accomplish moksha. Moksha is the final release from self . It is like loosening of all the bondages and attaining oneness with the one or the almighty. All the religion believes in attaining mocha or salvation . They have different ways to achieve it. The Hindu philosophy believes in four disciplines to achieve it. The first discipline is karma yoga that is working for supreme.

The second discipline is Janna yoga that is realizing the supreme. The third way to achieve salvation or moksha is Raja yoga that is meditating for supreme and lastly is Bhakti yoga that is serving supreme with loving devotion. Bhakti yoga is most acceptable yoga to attain salvation and visit to Chardham certainly helps in realizing it. These are four major pilgrimages that is why it is called Chardham. They begin with Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath. It is believed that yatra or parikarma should always begin from Gangotri and should end at Badrinath .

Ancient people believed that a visit to the Himalayas washes away all the sins . That belief still exists and therefore people who are believers come to visit Chardham at least once in their life time to attain inner peace and satisfaction. Situated closest to the nature these dhams are a sort of spiritual adventure. Away from the hustle bustle of city life, amid nature’s tranquillity, is a time of introspection and a time to realize Supreme Being. That is the reason people visiting dhams become enriched and start looking at the life with a newer perspective.

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