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This way to student success

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My experience in avid so far has been really great. We got nice teachers and also the tutors that come to help us with any problem we have.

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This way to student success

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. Avid has interested me in a lot of colleges, I’ve gotten four letters from different colleges that would like me to go there to study, and avid really helps a lot. Avid has made a lot of great opportunities like being an honors student for passing all my pre AP classes.

My avid teachers, all my avid teachers have helped me a lot with grades, keeping up with my work and for them I wouldn’t of probably be in high school right now. 8th grade was my first year in avid and I realized that I wanted to go to college. Avid is the best program to achieve your goals going to college. I still remember that day Mrs. Medina had told me “Nayeli come here, I’ve been checking your grades and you’re not passing math, you need to start staying for torturing so you can pass this semester” “I know Mrs. I’ve been paying attention but I just don’t get it.” “Well you should start questioning questions about math in tutorials” “okay Mrs. I will.”

Mrs. Medina really cared about my grades she was always there for all of us, if she will see that we weren’t passing she would make us go to torturing because she wanted us to pass. 8th grade was the best year; I will never forget my 8th grade. Participating in avid is really great, avid helps us to get to college and helps us to get ready. Our family hasn’t faced any obstacles yet but if we ever do we will try to help each other to resolve the problem.

My family is really happy that I got in avid, because avid has helped me a lot with my grades I’ve had brought my grades up a lot this passed months that we’ve been in school

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