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Catholic Schools Week

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This year’s national theme for Catholic Schools Week is “Catholic Schools: A+ for America. ” The five years I have been at St. Dominic’s, I have experienced that it is very different then a public school and is much better. At St. Dominic’s, we go to church every Friday. During Church on Fridays, the Mass is run by the school so each class take turns serving and reading and being the gift bearers. We also have a Christmas play which is run by the 8th grade every year.

On top of that we have a great religion class every day except on Friday’s and our priest will sometimes come over to school and read us a bible verse or two. To me, St. Dominic’s makes me feel like I am in a safe environment, to me it’s like a family. Here at St. Dominic’s our teachers do whatever they can to make us an A+ student. They care about are grades so we can have higher expectations and so we can live a better Christian life. So we do a lot of projects and activity to help us understand are work better.

Here at St. Dominic’s we have one of every grade since it is a smaller school and we have smaller class sizes. So the friends you meet in pre-school are the friends you are going to graduate with and possible more. One of the projects we started a few years ago at St. Dominic School is recycling. The whole school gets involved. Each year we all have a competition to see which class collects the most recycling and whoever wins gets a reward. Recycling is something good for are county as well as our country. Also at St.

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Dominic’s, the 6th - 8th grade have to do service hours for a religion grade. I think this has a great impact on our country as a whole because we are making it possible to live in a safer environment by doing the smallest things like recycling and giving up are time for others in need. We also help out a round school like we rack the leaves in the fall and help put out salt in the winter. We also work with the younger students helping them learn how to tie their shoes or sitting with them at church to teach them how to behave during Mass.

Something else that we do as 8th graders at St. Dominic school is we teach the 5th grade how to serve during church. Since the 8th graders are the oldest students, we are asked to help out a lot. Whenever someone needs something we are always there to help them. So we have to take the biggest role in leading our school to a better community. Once you leave St. Dominic you are on your own and hopefully you always leave a Christian life. St. Dominic has made me realize that I can do whatever I want to as long as I put my mind to it.

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