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Can most on-the-job accidents can be blamed on poor management?

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In most situations, yes. There are multiple instances when the accidents happen because of managers' desire to save money and not to improve the equipment for workers. The main duty of any manager is to be aware of everything that is happening in the organization. They should control the working process, employers' productivity, results, efficacy. Although each case is unique, if something comes about, managers are the first to be under suspicion of being responsible for the on-the-job accidents. Having said that, we shouldn't blame only poor management when something bad comes about. Sometimes other workers should be responsible for accidents, and this is what should be investigated thoroughly.

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Can most on-the-job accidents can be blamed on poor management? essay

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What are the most common causes of fatal workplace accidents?

According to the BLS, the six most-common causes of fatal workplace accidents are: Transportation accidents (2,080 fatalities in the most-recent year) Violence and other injuries caused by persons or animals (828 fatalities in the most-recent year) Falls, slips, and trips (792 fatalities in the most-recent year)

Who is at fault in a workplace accident?

Whenever a workplace accident occurs, both the victim and employer are in a hurry to point fingers. The victim is often blamed for not being careful enough, a coworker is accused of negligent behavior or the employer is faulted for not providing a safe work environment. It can be hard to determine which claims are actually true.

What happens when negligence leads to a workplace accident?

As we all know, whether a workplace accident is the result of employee carelessness or employer negligence, employers must take action to protect workers from further harm or injury. An employer could potentially face legal liability if negligence led to an accident.

Should employers be held accountable for workplace accidents?

They could be held accountable for workplace accidents too but they, like the employees could not be totally blamed. Employees and employers should work out a solution together to reduce workplace accidents and create a safer work environment. Thanks Ufuk, In my opinion, the problem concern only employers.

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