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Investment Plan

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Investment plan is a document where is stated the point of business idea, described the situation of business object in economical, political circumstances, also planned future strategy and perspectives and shown financial information. The structure of investment plan and its details depends on business object, activity field, competitors and current conditions to develop business. The businessman who is creating investment plan must make research, think of the opportunities and perspectives in current economical situation and competition of the country.

Besides in the investment plan must be clearly described conditions for oncoming employees of the firm, calculated incomes, outgoings and possibilities of paying dividends. Furthermore must be paid attention to the use and assignment of ready cash. After contemplations these propositions for successful firm existence, businessman has to choose the best model. The investment plan of the firm will have a great impact for the further development in the future. By the way decisions will be made according to this investment plan.

So it is a difficult task to create such a plan. Our firm will be providing services of windows shading with protective and decorative film. I think this service will be perspective, because it can be adjusted anywhere where a window or glass is used. "Shadow" firm will be located in Eltham. We are planning to open our firm in January 2008. Later on we hope that we will be able to expand our firm and provide our window shading services not only in East London, but also in other parts. At the moment in UK a lot of people work for themselves.

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We are planning to collaborate with "TTFilms" company in USA in the future, because it is a large company, which makes a high - grade films. Films could be delivered directly from USA "TTFilms" company by plane so it would be a successful activity reassurance of our firm. According to qualitative parameters these films are one of the best in the world. This is because of manufacturer's exploitation guaranty from 5 to 10 years. However it is depends on film's sort. Our potential competitors import not so high - grade films, so they can not give their customers such a guaranty as "Shadow" will do.

That will be an advantage for us. We are going to rent premises from the 'Goton Company'. The rent would cost 2000 pounds per month. On purpose to improve the quality of customer services and to take additional advantage against competitors, we are planning to sell films, equip parlour of samples, organise training shows for any enquires of films installing at home. Shading films sales would decrease customers spending on purpose of best result. Parlour of samples would allow customers to broaden out their imagination and to choose desirable film from lots of examples while realizing of their ideas.

There are a lot of customers who want to install films by themselves without special expensive tools, so our lessons could help them. The project will be funded by the owner of "Shadow" firm from own resources of 150 000 pounds, so we think we will not need any additional sources of sponsorship. It is necessary to put a lot of endeavours to research market, plan economical and financial activities and predict profit and sales. Also must be formulated primary points and the system to implement it. It is important to go up to projected points according to plans.

Sometimes it is necessary to correct it because of variable market - let circumstances. Employees have to know their duties, rights and range of responsibility. It is important to ensure that correct information would circulate in firm permanently helping to administrate and improve work. Employees have to understand that owner is grateful for theirs accomplishments and try to appreciate it properly. However if employees irresponsibly do their duties or depart from requests, director has the right to criticize and punish them.

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