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Burmese Pythons in Everglades

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Many people get the urge to own a pet and impulsively go and acquire one. Where they go wrong is that they fail to realize the amount of responsibility that comes with owing a pet. When It Is time to assume those responsibilities the owner often will become overwhelmed and simply let the animal go free Into the wild. Some animals survive, some of them can't, and others Like the Burmese python adapt In ways that we didn't Imagine. Environmental Threat

The Burmese python can have up to 100 hatchings, grow up to 18 feet long, and weigh 200 pounds. (Smith) With no natural predators and a wide selection of food on the menu these snakes pose a serious threat to the ecosystem in Florida. They will feed on small rodents like mice to larger prey like alligators and deer. At the extremely high rate of reproduction the snake's population is outnumbering that of their prey, thus threatening the balance of the ecosystem in the everglades. Cause of the Problem

These beautiful snakes were initially brought to America as pets. Having owned a few snakes I'm aware that they are among the most aggressive eaters out of all the pythons. They have beautiful coats and It can be hypnotize to watch them eat. Unfortunately, people don't take Into accountability the massive size these snakes can grow to and rather than properly dispose of the snakes they simply release them into the wild. The humidity, source of water, and food in the Everglades make it easy for he snake to adapt.

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Mass breeding with other snakes and caused their population to rapidly increase. Proposed Solution With the deaths of small children and family pets the local government in Florida has taken action. They first made the importing of the Burmese Python illegal. Releasing them into the wild is illegal and owners have to pay a yearly fee to keep them. The government also authorized a hunting season for the python to help keep the population down. Saint Leafs Core Values

As pet owners we need to be more responsible with the animal we choose to take in. Responsibility Is a must when having a pet. It Is not a Toyota can Just be let go Into the wild when we our tired of It. Taking ownership of our decisions and actions Is how this relates most to Saint Oleo's Core Values. M. A. Smith: Reptilian and Amphibian, Volvo. Ill, Serpents. In: The Fauna of British India, Ceylon and Burma, including the whole of the Indo-Chinese Sub-Region. Taylor and Francis, Ltd. , London 1943, p 102-109

Burmese Pythons in Everglades essay

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