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Brindis Speech

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The speech was Rizal’s toast to the triumph of Juan Luna’s Spolarium and Felix Hidalgo’s Las Virgenes Cristianas Expuestas al populacho in their work of arts whose works illuminates two ends of the globe: East and West (Spain and the Philippines). It’s about the acknowledgement and thanking them for the pride and glory they gave to the Filipinos. But most of all, he gives praise to those youth’s actions that can make a difference and contribute to the glory of the Philippines.

He wanted to make the people realize that glory doesn’t based to a country alone. What he wanted to prove is that geniuses bloom and sprout all over the world with its own uniqueness, talents, and intelligence. No one needs to have same culture and the greatness of a country, but the real talent comes to their works. What he takes jab are elites who does everything just to stop the education system among filipinos because they are afraid that they might learn to defend.

In the speech he made, there are values and lessons he teach us that can be applied in a real world up until now such as mentioning geniuses can be born and made anytime and anywhere. No one has the right to judge or put down a person because anyone can be great. He also said that Spain and Philippines are equal, no greater nor slaves. Dr. Jose Rizal is great because he discussed bravely what the Spaniards are afraid of: EDUCATION of the filipinos but what he focused more is to inspire filipinos and prove how worthy a nation can be.

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Brindis Speech essay

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