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Book Report for Maniac Magee

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Zachary Roderiques Book Report on Maniac Magee Which of Maniac’s activities do you think are impossible? Why? Which do you think are possible but not probable? I don’t think any of Maniac’s activities are impossible because he is capable of learning how to do every single one of them. I think the one activity that may be possible but not probable is the tying of Cobble’s Corners knot, because over many decades no one else could ever accomplish this feat. Would you like a friend like Maniac? Why or why not?

No, I would not like a friend like Maniac because he would be better than me at everything and I don’t think I would feel like I was good at anything if I hung around him. Another reason is because all of the friends he had in the story were only his friends for a short amount of time. He always seemed to leave his friends behind and I would not like it if left me behind. Do you think maniac is a good nickname for Jeffery? Why or why not? Would you like that nickname? Why or why not? I think Maniac is a good nickname for Jeffery because he can do almost anything and everything he does cannot be done by others.

I would not like that nickname because I would not want to be known for doing everything like a maniac. I also think that everyone thinks a maniac is a crazy person, so I would not want people thinking I was crazy! In which of Maniac’s homes would you most like to live? Why? Least? Why? n what ways can people be considered to be members of a minority group? People can be considered members of a minority based on the colorof their skin, their ethnic background, the religion they practice, their income, their gender, how old or young they are, if they are handicapped, their marriage status, their education level, and their sexual preference.

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Book Report for Maniac Magee

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