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Body and health

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To know the right ways how to get a vital sign, body temperature, taking a pulse rate and first aid is also a big help, in case there is an emergency situation in the family or even outside that requires immediate medical attention especially in remote areas like in the Barings. In Nutrition Education, we learn what are the necessary foods and nutrients that our body needs in our daily lives to maintain a healthy body and meet its needs.

That if we fail to provide what our body needs might cause some disorder or illness and if we take so much of it will also lead us to sickness. In this chapter I totally agree that we should take, Just the right amount of food and nutrient that our body need to stay healthy. In Family Planning and Birth Control, I agree that all should learn how to control a growing family especially In remote areas where people are not aware of this, because as we observe most of the big families' lives In remote areas, but they usually can't support their children needs.

This will help also, for those couple who are not ready to have responsibilities of having children but doesn't know how to do the safe ways to prevent to get pregnant. I Just hope they add what will be the disadvantage and side effect of using contraceptive and birth control pills to the user body and If there is things that she need to do to avoid the bad side effect of this In her body, so she would be aware what would might happen If she did not follow the right ways using It. In Drug addiction and prevention, different yep of drugs and Its uses has a different effect on our body. Sing It without prescription from the doctor or using It for a wrong cause and ways would give a bad effect on our body and health. To know the types of drugs, Its uses, side effect and ways to prevent us to abuse drugs Is a great help to avoid drug addiction, Instead used drugs In right way and for the right cause. Therefore this guidelines and Information from this chapter Is very helpful to all of us If we Just follow and apply this In our lives we could have a healthy and peaceful life.

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Body and health essay

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