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Best Motivation for Internal Promotion

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Through management leadership and strong coaching and mentoring the banking institutions in the UAE can easily identify the talented employees that they could promote to higher responsibilities (Yogesh 2009). This would go along way in motivating not only the employees who have been promoted but also the others who have not to perform even better. In other words, by promoting the internal employees, the other employees are also likely to get motivated to improve their performance in order to win the recognition of the management.

In this case, the organizations will have filled the staffing needs from internal sources (Lee 2007). Look After the Expected Losses Due To Retirement, Transfer and Other Issues During the human resource planning process it would be necessary that the banking institutions in the UAE critically examine the potential sources of manpower losses (Yogesh 2009). In other words, the banks will have to examine issues of voluntary retirement, turnover and transfers among others (Bratton & Gold 2003).

It would be very important that the business organizations examine these potential loses of manpower for the reason that when knowledge employees leave the organization for whatever reason, the organizations are bound to lose a significant element of their intellectual capital (Bratton & Gold 2003). See For Replacement Due To Accident, Death, Dismissals and Promotion In this case, the concern of the banking institutions in the UAE will be to examine the potential sources of supply from where the can fill the vacancies that may have been left as a result of some employees leaving the organization.

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What is meant here is that the organizations need to forecast the future shortages they are bound to experience and to take measures for curbing them by examining the potential sources of supply (Lee 2007). This would call for the banking institutions in the UAE to undertake a HR audit to establish the exact number of employees remaining as a result of the vacancies thereby knowing the exact number of vacancies that need to be replaced and with what kind of employees (Bratton & Gold 2003).

In this case, the main purpose of the HR audit would be replacement planning. The banking institutions in the UAE could come up with short-run replacement mechanisms more so in the case where the need for replacement is urgent. Otherwise the banks can also engage in the process of succession planning in the event that the replacement is to be gradual and long-term in nature (Lee 2007). Technology Used Technology plays a very significant role in manpower planning more so when it comes to the banking institutions in the UAE.

This is because the banks have a major concern of providing better customer services by exploring the manpower requirements. It is important to recognize that projecting the manpower requirements is significantly influenced by the kind of transactions that the customers demand (Suri et al 2007, p. 322). If the customers demand many transactions, then it would be imperative that banking institutions in the UAE employ more human as way of coping with the customer demands.

Technology plays a significant role in human resource planning by reducing the employees requirement (Bhasin 2002), thus increasing the business per every worker. Similarly, IT infrastructure can play a very significant role in supporting the process of talent identification more so in the case where talent identification is supposed to be positively correlated with performance. Technology can also be used in human resource planning for the reason that it can assist the banking institutions in the UAE to manage wider customer bases (Swain 2005, pp.

87-95). Besides, technology has led to less pressure on the workers especially when it comes to customer entertainment and reducing their tasks that are done in a repetitive manner (Swain 2005, pp. 87-95). In other words, technology when used in human resource planning goes a long way in minimizing the requirement of employees (Bratton & Gold 2003). Therefore technology can play a significant role in forecasting the demand and supply of labor when embraced by the banking institutions in the UAE (Lee 2007).

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