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Behavorial Paper

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There is one habit that have had for years I don't like anything dirty or out of place in my home and it is a must that the toilet seat or seats remain close I cannot stand for these things to happen in my home. If things are not put back where they belong I will ask who had the item and explain to them that the house doesn't look clean when things are out of place. I know that this is a bit extreme but this is how feel about these situations. I believe that I develop this from my mother, when was very young I can remember how my mother keeping our home very, very clean it was almost sterile.

All the walls were white, and the carpet was a gold color tit white furniture and everything was so neat and she kept it that way. All the children participated in keeping those white walls clean. If there was company coming over and you were at home you would have to dust and sweep all floors before company arrived. I think have modeled myself after my mother in many ways, I have aunties and cousins but they did not play a part in influencing this behavior. There are things like fussing about stuff, that catch myself doing that reminds me of my mother and I have also been told by others that have a lot of her traits and ways.

However know that I didn't get way I feel about toilets from her. While know that I have become a bit excessive about my habits continue to do them because I cannot concentrate if the house is dirty or out of place and I truly get mad about the toilet being open, it has become normal to me, so normal that when go over other family members home put their toilet seat down and I may clean up something over their house when all was doing is visiting. I have not tried to break the habit of cleaning but I have tried to calm it down a bit, because I onto want to offend anyone when am at their home.

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In away I am glad I adapted my cleanliness from my mother, but don't understand or know why can't stand the toilet seat open, I even have my family to tell people that come over to make sure they put the seat down after they use the bathroom. From what I can remember my mother has always taught us to be very neat and clean. Saturday was always the clean-up day the consist of wiping walls and windows down and whatever else she wanted you to do. No one could leave until the whole house was done inside and out. This was done very Saturday.

To this day I clean my house very Saturday it is a habit and if I know company is on the way I still dust and vacuum the floor. I know that watching my mother for years condition me to be particular about how I like my surroundings to be, but somehow I got extreme with it. This was my observational learning. Thought that this is how a person is supposed to be because that's all knew. Thought that the reason people came over was because they liked how our house was because would her them always say how beautiful everything was.

In my mind I thought this is what she wanted them to say. I like to hear those compliments too when have someone at my home. This was the self-regulation process. Since I felt that this was a good thing I was even happier to know that I was able to do these things like my mother did. This is self-efficacy. Believe that I am good at making my surroundings good and neat and my mother likes how keep my home. This makes my mother happy to know that followed in her footsteps and in return I'm happy that she likes that about me.

This is self-system While I feel hat my habits are good I know that they affect my house when I get extreme with my cleaning and making sure the toilet seat in closed. I have to realize that am not the only one living in this house and everybody that comes to my home does not know that I want the seat down after they use the bath room. So my plan is to understand that and try not to get so irritated if the seat is up. I have to say that the behavioral theories best explains my personality The habits that I have learned were observed as a child my mother raised me to do things a certain way.

I looked at what she taught me as something positive. As a child it didn't make me sad or happy it was a way of life for me and I stayed with me. Learned from situations and advice given to me by family members I have always been so what quiet and observant I was perfect I also got in trouble sometimes. But when I saw my siblings get in trouble that was my cue to straighten up. There are different ways that people developed their habits sometimes your environment may play a parts of your personality, how a person is raised, where a person is raised, even ho raised an individual can affect your personality.

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