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Battering is a Momentary Loss of Temper

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Battering is a form of domestic violence, which involves physical actions aimed at instilling pain, harm the body or to propagate a feeling of intimidation to a partner so that one can get and maintain full control over the victim (Prakashan, 2001). Battering as an abusive behavior has a long trailing history in the global society and its awareness, legislation and perception varies from one country to the other. Several myths have been conceived with a purpose of explaining the main causes of battering.

It is in this interest therefore that this paper is written. It seeks to refute the proposed myth that battering is a momentarily loss of temper. Reliable information from the American Medical Association has shown that domestic violence is not an instantaneous thing but a process, which is cultivated by various factors and in most cases over a certain period of time (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 2009). The same point is underscored by the Surgeon General of the United States report.

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True to the word, victims of battering have been subjected to this traumatizing experience over time. Momentarily loss of temper is, in my opinion dictates for occasional incidences of this abusive behavior, which is undoubtedly inhumane. The fact that battering is aimed at gaining and maintaining control over their partners as well as revenging or punishment for betrayals or mistakes done by the victim need to be appreciated right at the beginning of this discussion otherwise the rest of its content might not make the intended impact to the reader (Baskerville, 2006).

Based on this fact and judging by the principles of reason one can see the possibility of a long and well planed battering incidence. For instance, unfaithfulness is a major drawback to the family but many a times, one of the partners may fail to have enough evidence on the same and therefore he or she has no ground for divorce (Prakashan, 2001). The problem becomes worse if their intimacy overcomes their desire to separate. This can amount to a feeling of betrayal, unhappiness and aggressiveness which as human beings, can accumulate to uncontrollable levels resulting to battering.

Various studies have it that most women are more venerable to battering than men. This is evident in the physical strength of men as compared to women (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 2009). To avoid being branded a feminist, the author of this paper finds it necessary to mention that men are also victims of domestic violence mostly in forms of verbal and emotional abuse. As a matter of fact, physical abuse like battering is the highest order of family violence beyond which severe injuries or even death can occur (Buzawa, & Buzawa, 2003).

Domestic violence starts in the least form like altering abusive words. If the problem is left unsolved, it propagates and instills emotional instabilities like depression, keeping victims isolated from friends and family members. Still if this is left unattended, it will accumulate to levels which can amount to physical violence which is battering for this matter. In conclusion therefore, the above discussion dismisses the proposed myth that Battering is a momentary loss of temper.

It underscores the fact that battering is a form of domestic violence which results from unattended simple forms of domestic violence like verbal and emotional abuse. It is indeed an inhuman act, but it is very common and hence it is the responsibility of any couples to address their differences in a more human manner. Simple forms of domestic violence should not be left unresolved otherwise they can amount to battering. References Baskerville, S. (2006). Family Violence in America: The Truth about Domestic Violence and Children Abuse.

Retrieved August 11, 2010, from http://www. acfc. org/site/DocServer/familyviolence. pdf? docID=641 Buzawa, C. , & Buzawa, E. (2003). Domestic Violence: The Criminal Justice Response. California: sage Publications National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. (2009). Domestic Violence Facts. Retrieved August 11, 2010, from http://www. ncadv. org/files/DomesticViolenceFactSheet(National). pdf Prakashan, P. (2001). Battered Women: A Study of Domestic Violence. Michigan: The University of Michigan.

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