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Bain Capability Center

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Bain Capability Center – Analyst Job Description What is Bain? • We are a leading global strategy consulting firm with 41 offices in 27 countries • Our business is to help make companies more valuable • Our clients include the top management of some of the world’s leading companies and private equity investors What is Bain Capability Center? • BCC is the offshore group of Bain & Company that provides analytical support to Bain case teams across the globe • We assist in assessing key issues, executing analysis, drawing insights and making recommendations on discrete pieces of client work across a range of different industries and capabilities

What you will do as an analyst? • Help define the right questions and analysis to solve clients' critical issues • Find ways to get the data and help answer critical questions • Use Bain’s proprietary toolkit and fact-based approach to validate answers • Communicate recommendations to Bain teams including Partners and Managers in global offices What you will learn? • Business judgment based on practical business experience • Logical thinking to break-down complex questions into simpler tasks • Analytical skills for rapidly assessing industries and companies

How your career will progress within BCC/Bain? • We provide continuous training and coaching throughout your career so that you learn at each level • We offer opportunities to transfer to other offices if the need arises • Analyst programme is for 2 years after which you may progress as Associates and then Project Leaders within BCC • Other alternatives include moving to BCC Shared Services and Bain Consulting. All these career paths are dependant on need/demand and are merit based

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What type of projects you will work on? • Developing full potential market opportunity in Asia-Pacific for a US-based bar code printer manufacturer • Designing and developing automated inventory tracking tool for an international luggage company to track and forecast inventory levels • Analyzing Bain's annual worldwide employee survey and providing critical company performance data to all offices globally How to apply? • Please submit your cover letter and CV t

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