Athletic Budgets And Academic Performance Revisited

Last Updated: 27 May 2020
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The article herein actually discusses the need for an athletics department in several educational institutions today to be able to handle the physical development needs of the students within the population. Aside from discussing the importance of the said department, it also aims to show the pros and the cons of implying the said culture in the school institutions with regards the existence of athletes and non-athletes. Undeniably, the study tries to make certain amendments on how the situation could be effectively dealt with.

Certainly, the researchers aim to fix the situation through surveying the population involved in the situation thus seeing how well they could deal with the challenges of the matter. Central Theme of the Study When one considers the prospects of improved health, character development, and increased popularity, joining an organized sports team may still seem like the smart thing to do. The journal too points out that more kids are signing up for organized sports today than did any previous generation. The bad news though is that they are dropping out of these sports programs in record numbers.

Usually, by the time they’re fifteen, seventy-five percent of kids who have ever played a sport have dropped out of it. Researchers say that such dropouts usually give a surprisingly simple reason for their departure: The games are no longer fun. Indeed, playing on a team can be an exhausting and time-consuming project. Seventeen magazine told its readers that simply trying out for a team may involve working “three hours a day, five days a week . . . for about one or two weeks. ” If you survive that gauntlet and make the team, many more hours of workouts and practice drills are in your future.

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Typical is the member of a girl’s basketball team who spends over three hours a day training for her game. That time could be spent in doing something more worthwhile. Of course, many youths do not mind the grueling routine. They enjoy the fun and the challenge of perfecting their athletic skills. But there are other reasons why a large number of youths drop out of organized athletics. You need to be aware of them in order to decide whether to join a team or not. Reasons Behind the Study’s Progress Athletics are not for everyone—at least, not everyone should participate without medical supervision.

Who especially need supervision? “Athletic recreation is a questionable option for the pathological hurrier, the type of person who rushes to work, rushes through lunch, and rushes home during the rush hour to rush through chores before rushing to bed. That type of person is very liable to use exercise as just another avenue of rushing to the grave. The study further points out the need of balancing the support for athletics and non-athletics within the student population thus also balancing the activity of the school as centered both on academics and athletic values as implied to the students.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Study The theme of the study had been strongly implied within the discussions. It could not be denied that the researchers actually made it certain that the issue be handled in a more specific manner that involves the examination of the situation through survey approaches. This method of the study actually makes it more applicable in actual situations that most institutions are undergoing right now. Overall Reaction to the Study Overall, the study was able to address all the necessary points of consideration that needs to be dealt with in connection with the said matter.

Utilizing survey approach was indeed useful, such process of gaining information for better further applications increase the capability of the study to become highly important to the population of the society that it intends to serve. Understandably, as a scholarly article, the researchers were able to find the necessary points that needs consideration thus giving out a better result for the audience to understand the situation in a much lighter and clearer sense.

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