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Analysis of Swahili Caf

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The location of Swahili coffee cafï on Collin Street, a home to some of Australia's best retailers and boutique brands, will attract thousands of shoppers in the area. It is a place for exhausted shoppers to stop by and refuel their energy before continue the day of shopping spree. Collin Street is chosen because we believed that a location is the most important for coffee . It is better to let the cafï find customers than to let the customers find the cafï. The location of the cafï Collin Street is surrounded by tens of best retailers and brand names; there are more chances to attract customers than any other locations outside the downtown area.

Exotic atmosphere Customers can get the same quality of coffee anywhere, but they can only get a real taste and style of an authentic African only at Swahili . All fittings and furniture will be meticulously designed and selected to make the place become "real African". Upbeat African music will be played all day long. The will be decorated according to its slogan of "Swahili Coffee- we offer a taste of African coffee and style within a reachable distance". In addition, on every Sunday at noon, there will be an African dancing show in the  for 15 minutes.

Even though the ca emphasizes more on the African atmosphere, it still maintains and commits to provide customers superior quality of coffee from Kenya. Kenya AA coffees will be used because they have a distinct, bright acidity. They are medium bodied and almost sweet. The best grades of Kenya coffees are fabulously aromatic with very little bitterness. Kenya AA is the largest size of Kenya coffee according to a measurement of the size, shape and density of the bean. The size is important when it comes to quality in the respect that usually a larger size will contain more of the precious oils which give coffee its flavor and aroma (The Guide to being a Beverage Snob, 2004).

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The will offer a mini coffee  tour upon requests of tour groups. The tour will be held every Sunday because there is a special African dance show on that day. International tour groups are main target markets for this offer. Customers will have a chance to go behind the kitchen and have a glimpse of how their favourite cups of coffee are made. Beverages and desserts are included in the tour. Based on primary calculations, it is estimated that approximately $200,000 are needed to establish the principal business structure, including renovation and equipment. For starting cost, it consists of rental fee and prepaid insurance for the first year, advertising, salary, utilities and maintenance expenses for the first three months.

Swahili  is a sustainable company, and has several advantages, such as: unique environment, brad names trademark, loyal customers and solid back up from the travel agents. Therefore, by all of these advantages, new enters who are interested in us, will have a solid building up of business base on our excellent management and position in the area we had settled. On the other hand, for the other competitors, by buying our company, their business would be increased in higher scale of profit regarding the difficulty of smaller rivals to compete with the Swahili cafe in that area. Moreover, we also have some of the customers' profiles and data which will be a great help for the new owners to improve their services and implement the right strategy.

Analysis of Swahili Caf essay

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