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Analysis of Jumanji

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In the title sequence, the music forebodes something eerie is about to happen. The instruments create a sound similar to a wolf howling. The drum beats whenever the camera focuses on the game or when the game is near. The music imitates many animal sounds. French horns are like elephants. From 1:37:50-1:35:40 (digging out the past soundtrack) the drums beat, then stop, then beat again. Then the leitmotif of French horns to French horns. The drums beat faster as he gets closer.

Ritualistic rum sounds from 1:19:35 (mention the meter of the drum beats - triple meter), when the drums suddenly stop when they find the game. The drum beats arouse our curiosity about what Is about to happen. It also makes us anxious, apprehensive because of the suspense that It creates. To young children, this may create fear In them, Flutes come In (leitmotif scalar to that of horns). Dissonance, Lots of It. The music gets very dissonant (tremolo? ) when he opens the game set. Drums pound. This drums pounding motif.

It gets louder, crescendo, foreboding omitting ominous. Drums abruptly stop when the game Is found. Cymbals when mosquitoes come, and the French horn leitmotif keeps repeating. Violins violins and harp, consonant sounds, signifying a home feeling, feeling of comfort, The film was an adaptation of a "1981 children's book of the same name". Thus, some of the music may have been used with kids in mind. Search analysis of James Hornier music http:"vindictiveness.

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Analysis of Jumanji essay

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