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Addiction and Cure Compulsive Shopping

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“It is very difficult to recognize that we really like shopping, a "therapy"that can serve at any given time to forget our everyday problems. But when it becomes a tough act to control it becomes a serious psychological disorder such as pathological gambling. ” How and to whom, is usually affected involving the syndrome that creates this huge dependency? Shopaholic syndrome affects men and women.

The profile is usually between 30 and 40 years, with low self-­esteem, lack of control, insecurity, fantasy-­proneness, feeling of loneliness and spiritual emptiness. They also tend to have other dis-­ orders such as anxiety and depression. Shopping can bring great pleasure at the moment, but then comes the repentance of pur-­ chasing useless things, and then depression and anxiety, which leads back to the stores as a way of escape. Thus we begin a vicious circle which is very difficult to go through.

Normal buyer vs Compulsive buyer While the normal buyer feels satisfaction of having bought something he wanted and he can control what he spends, the compulsive buyer gets an inordinate pleasure in the moment of shopping, similar to that produced by drugs, in addition to losing control of his actions. Do you know what causes this addiction? Although the underlying cause of addiction to shopping is not known, experts say this type of disorder is a mixture of biological and social causes.

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The lack of control over impulses caused by brain abnormalities related to the role of serotonin (a neurotransmitter). Social cause? This condition is the main trigger type consumer society in which we live, where shopping be-­ comes a leisure activity rather than a necessity. Psychologists argue that advertising shows a person whose power is measured by the quantity and quality of goods they have. Before this the people with an underdeveloped personality turning to shopping to satisfy a quota of power that is not naturally given by society .

Symbolic reading of the act of buying? Buying a necessity, exchange, assimilation, accumulation and disposal. It is a process that symbolizes something primal as food and breathing. Psychological and Genealogical perspective of oniomani?a The basis of any manic behavior is a lack of compensation. A compulsive act of exchange with the seller, we can talk about a fixation, lack of emotional exchange and general care of the child. The attachment figure moves to the seller that looks and looks compulsively.

Emotional cut would occur in the parent-­child relationship. An excessive accumulation of products that are not needed, we can talk about: "crazy ideas from the great-­grandparents, for example:" Book now for the lean years ", "Who has better things. " " I have more than you. " "When we where young, if our parents made us relate new clothes with renewal (season, stations ... ), when life cries out for renewal, unconsciously we will run to get new clothes.

And if we are prevented of a true renewal, we will compulsively repeat this empty ritual of release. "Fixing a particular product that symbolizes what we ?re lacking. As happens in collection, if wool symbolizes the mother, I would con-­ tinously buy jerseys, scarves, socks and stockings which will give me the warmth that I missed in childhood. If the encyclopedias symbolizes the intellectual ego and we identify with it, we would accumulate volumes and volumes without opening the plastic that surrounds them..

What impact does oniomani?a have on us? The shopaholics are immersed in an unreal world, then forget the consequences of their actions. They do not mind sacrificing their basic needs let alone those of others. This leads to situations of confrontation with family, debt, financial ruin, anxiety, depression and many more. How can we overcome this addiction? It is very difficult to get out of this addiction specially on your own, as is the case with alcoholism, gambling or drug addiction.

But other addictions are easy to spot, very few people attend a consultation to deal with a compulsive shopping problem, since most of the time they consider it a normal behavior or temporary. Admitting the problem is a big step. From here you should see a psychologist to help you cope. There is no specific treatment depends on the degree of addition you have. Can you offer a sound approach to shopping? Enjoy a day of shopping, if your not out of control.

But if you have rhythm to become a compulsive shopper, we offer a few tips so you do not end with your family finances. Make a list beforehand and avoid buying some-­ thing you do not need or repeat products. Set a spending amount, not breaking your budget. Avoid buying in states of depression and or states which you suspect will be harder to control. Do not be misled by advertising. Get to the point and do not look over what to buy, do not end up biting into something unexpected.

Forget about the offers that you do not really need. When checking what you bought and found to have acquired only the products that you planned to ... congratulations! , You have managed to avoid the danger of compulsive shopping. Your bank account will thank you. The act to treat oniomania A 40 year old woman compulsively buying bags, coats, belts and shoes from expensive brands. They shared the high price and fancy leather. She arrived to fill the closet of her apartment, plus two more cabinets installed in the lounge.

Sometimes he'd give away or return some of these products because it was impossible to fit in the space. Analyzing her family tree we could see that her mother was orphaned at birth. His grandmother also had her mother and motherhood are banned. His father, bitter widower and never touched her, for fear of incestuous sexual tension, and died when she was a teenager. When the clothes made contact with the skin it was so precious to her, the more expensive the product were worth more tuned into the symbolism.

We suggested that a van filled with all the accumulated products and asked two friends, men and women who accompany her to a field outside the city. She would drive the vehicle to the designated place and the cargo pile up together in a pyramid form. She, lying on the ground would be massaged by these symbolic parents while the mountain of things burned. Then plant tree there. We also suggest that she volunteered at a center for the homeless children, cherish and give all the love you she had missed.

Addiction and Cure Compulsive Shopping essay

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