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An Interdependent Parter

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Created a section of relationships known as interdependent partners. An interdependent parter is someone who you've been with for more than 3 years, have a child by birth or adoption, committed to each other, emotionally and economically viable as a couple. This picture shows a happy couple who aren't married, who are committed to each other. But you can't see from a picture whether there economically viable or good parents to a child.A picture can show the right things but you dont' know if they actually practice them.

Two people in a relationship living together who are not legally married. This picture shows a couple living together in an apartment who aren't legally married. This shows the direct definition of a common law relationship.

Every provinces has different requirements to get married. Some of the required things are consent, proper mental capacity, being the minimum age, the person you intend to marry can't be close family, and neither one of you can be currently married. This photo shows a wedding taking place. If both parties meet all requirements so they can be legally married.

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An Interdependent Parter

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When a married couple lives in separate houses but is still legally married. This photo shows a man packing boxes to move. Because they have decided to separate his wife will stay in the house they bought together and he will have to find somewhere else to live. The due process that legally ends a marriage. This picture shows a man and a women in a court room with lawyers to begin a divorce settlement. Guardians have three responsibilities; supporting the child off their own salary, to ensure all necessities of life are available to the child, to help the child through their physical, emotional, and psychological growth.

  • Neglect: failure to provide basic necessities of life
  • Physical abuse: physically harming a child with malice of forethought
  • Sexual abuse: Sexually assaulting the child
  • Emotional abuse: Harming the child's self esteem, insulting and yelling at them.

This photo shows a logo for the children's aid society, one of the services children can reach to if they are being abused or neglected. After parents of a child split up, courts decide where the child will live and who will be his legal guardian. There can be split custody deals where certain parents have him for certain days, or it can be unilateral. This photo shows a child sitting while his parents fight over custody.

This shows how intense the fight is and the effect it has on the child. Legal document that states how a persons possessions will be distributed after their death. This is a photo of a will, a legal document that can't be tapered with. The person who creates the will. This photo shows a hand writing a will, the person writing it is the only person who can modify it.

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