An Analysis of the Chevy Sonic Stunt Anthem Commercial Campaign

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Last Updated: 16 Apr 2023
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"Tonight, We Are Young"

Throughout the years, Chevy has been a household name for the car industry. Dating back to 1911 with the release of the Series C Classic Six, Chevy has made great strides in becoming a reliable, cost efficient and American based car manufacturer. In more recent years, a great deal of consumers migrated to foreign made cars. This shift led corporations to attempt new and innovative marketing techniques. In the case of Chevy, their big move came in Fall 2011 with the new Chevy Sonic. The idea behind this campaign was to show that Chevy was still relevant. By doing a series of stunts with the Chevy Sonic, the corporation hoped to gain a younger car-buyer audience. This technique was interesting because most car companies targeted consumers by promoting luxury or affordability. Chevy decided to take marketing in a new direction by making a car that's "cool."

Including a cameo by Rob Dyrdek, American skateboarder who has a successful MTV show entitled 'Fantasy Factory,' in which Rob flipped the car to emulate a skateboarding trick. The Chevy Sonic had all the makings for a successful ad campaign. Although these ads were featured on television and made a big splash during Super Bowl XLVI, the ads featured a link to a website,, which allowed consumers to view more videos as well as the making of these stunts. How successful was this site? According to, the website is ranked 2635 out of 3095 against other sites under the keyword 'Super Bowl.' Likewise, this campaign did not reach out on a global scale.

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Nearly 90% of visitors came from the U.S. alone. Facebook records show 454,199 people like the Chevy Sonic and 2,902 people are talking about the product. It is important to note the ratio of people talking about a product to likes on Facebook because it shows how many people know about your product. Just because a page receives a lot of likes doesn't necessarily mean it's successful. The amount of people talking about your product is a way to track the buzz your product is receiving. The web statistics for the Chevy Sonic are not staggering.

It would appear that Chevy had all the makings for an innovative marketing campaign, but for the amount of money they spent on it, one would assume these are not the numbers they hoped for. Even though it would appear that the Chevy Sonic was not doing tremendously well on the virtual front, the numbers that Chevy has been pumping out have shown great improvements. On a large scale, the Chevy Corporation saw a decline in sales of 6% from last year. However, Chevy saw a 13% increase in passenger cars for the month of February. For the Chevy Sonic, 7,900 units were sold for February alone. This produced close to a 200% increase from the model that the Chevy Sonic replaced.

The GM Sales Report for June 2012 stated, *Chevrolet Sonic sales were 6,278 units and it has been the retail sales leader in its segment since April 2012.» Overall, it appears the Chevy Sonic has not only been successful, but is at the top of the Chevy product list. Looking at the web analytics alone, one would guess that this campaign was unsuccessful. However, Chevy was still able to sell the Sonic. This is one of those rare occasions where the statistics just don't line up. The Chevy Corporation definitely lucked out on this one and they plan to report record breaking sales for the 2012-2013 fiscal year.

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