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Alternative Energy Sources

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The depletion of conventional and non-renewable sources of energy i. e. fossil fuels, which include coal, gasoline and natural gas, has caused concern among the policy makers and the consumers.

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Moreover, the recent increase in oil prices has caused inflation due to higher transportation costs of the commodities. However, the biggest drawback of using the non-renewable sources of energy has been an increase in environmental pollution, and the phenomenon of global warming.

When the fossil fuels are burnt by millions of vehicles on road, ships on water, and by aeroplanes in air, toxic emissions including deadly hydrocarbons, and lethal carbon monoxide are released into the atmosphere. These poisonous gases cause severe respiratory diseases, and cancer in the most vulnerable human population i. e. children and elderly. Is it beneficial to continue the use of fossil fuels whose emissions cause deadly diseases in humans?

Also, one of the emissions is carbon dioxide, which is the main cause of global warming. Since the fossil fuels are limited in supply, scientists, environmentalists and policy makers have been striving to find the alternative sources of energy, which are replenishable, easily available, non-polluting, non-detrimental to the health of humans, environmental friendly and do not cause global warming. Isn’t it beneficial for us to explore and deploy the alternative energy sources?

I strongly feel that we must develop technology to commercially exploit the alternative energy sources. Some of the types of alternative energy sources along with their utility to humanity are highlighted in the following discussion. Discussion Different definitions of alternative energy have been given by different thinkers and organizations. Economy Watch reported that Material Management Services defined it “as an alternative for the renewable energy forms,” which has “not been extracted from fossil fuels.

” Further, as defined by Natural Resources Defense Council, Economy Watch stated that alternative energy is peripheral and environmental-friendly. According to Economy Watch, Responding to Climate Change 2007 has defined alternative energy as the one “that is drawn from the untraditional sources of energy like winds, compressed natural gases, hydroelectricity and solar sources. ” When different definitions are merged, the complete meaning of alternative energy sources becomes evident.