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Akshaya Patra

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Meal Programs in India Although 50 percent of Indian's children were malnourished, the provision of midday meals was sporadic and in many places non-existent. Responding to pressure from the Indian people, the Supreme Court of India passed an order on November 28, 20014, which mandated: "Cooked midday meal is to be revived in all the government and government-aided primary schools in all the states".

Inconsistent food quality, occasional food poisoning, poor hygiene, and operational concerns were among the complications to the provision of government-sponsored midday meals. The meals were prepared by teachers, who cooked the same meal every day. Today, through the partnership with the Government of India and various State Governments, as well as philanthropic donors; the organization runs the mid-day meal programmer. Built on a public-private partnership, Sashay Patria combines good management, innovative technology and smart engineering to deliver a atrocious and hygienic school lunch.

Financial Sashay Patria, believe in absolute transparency in all our activities. Transparency, especially for an MONGO, is the key to trust and reliability. Sashay Patria upholds absolute transparency in all its activities. They have also apply the latest principles of fair value accounting and recognize all in kind donations. Organization's best practices have always resulted in keeping the operational expenditure to a fraction of revenues earned. This has resulted to optimize the administration and fundraising costs.

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