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The aim for my product was to be successful at the maturity stage of my advertising campaign and raise as much money as possible. My target audience is people aged twenty five and over who are better educated. They are most appropriate for my target audience as they would be aware of the current state in different countries and the economy and probably be earning high salaries. I planned out how I would approach my media marketing campaign, to reduce the risk of any problems such asking the wrong questions in my survey.

The background research which I did was to do a target audience survey where I asked twenty people [who fitted the criteria of my target audience] questions and from this I discovered a lot of information about where and when I should place my advert. This influenced my final advert as it told me what my target audience like to see in adverts. I produced a lifestyle collage about my target audience to help find out more about them. This helped me have a better idea of where to advertise as it introduced ideas about what type of reading material they would use and other media they consumed.

I created a design ideas sheet to find which colours, font, message, persuasive language and images will work in an advert for my type of product. This helped me construct different ideas for my final design for my advert. I found two print based charity adverts in reading material and analysed them by annotating at the side of the advert. I wrote how and why I thought they used specific techniques for their audience and what use of colours; fonts e. t. c. looked effective in an advert of this kind. The problem which I encountered throughout the whole campaign was that I had to try to persuade people to give money without receiving a product.

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It made the whole campaign more difficult as I was relying on people's generosity. The budget was also a problem as I was not able to produce an advert in most areas because I have a low budget. To get past this problem, I will be advertising regionally as this will cut costs and therefore be easier to fund. The part technology played in my advert was where I used graphics and different font styles in order to bring the best out of my advert. The most successful technique used was the survey which helped me decide on picking my final advert and the lifestyle collage which helped me find out more about my target audience.

I wanted to persuade them to give to my charity by using one or two distressing images and using powerful words which included them as though they could save people from dying and help give them a brighter future. Such as, "their future is in your hands. " I will use colours by making the font and words stand out from the advert. I will use red as it is linked with warning as I am warning the audience that if they don't help many young children will die or be without a mum or dad.

The technique which I am using is persuasion as I am trying to persuade the audience to give money without receiving anything in return. My product will be distributed via direct mail and on the radio. I selected radio as it was the most popular source of advertisement viewed by my target audience in my survey. Both ideas are low cost for my low budget charity. Direct mail also allows me to concentrate on my target audience more as I am able to select who I want to send an advert to. Whoever fits the criteria of my target audience I will send one to.

I feel I was very successful in fulfilling my aims as I feel that I created an advert to the best of my ability. The ideas sheet enabled me to design adverts and different techniques used, was successful as it helped me blend different ideas together to get the best advert. The survey and lifestyle collage were both useful also as they enabled me to concentrate on my target audience and find out as much as I could in order to get the best possible results. I also analysed two print based adverts which gave me ideas into how I should approach my advert and what style and techniques I could use.

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