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Advantages and Disadvatages of Modern Technology

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Today’s society is heavily influenced and affected by technology. My paper will explain and highlight many advantages and disadvantages of technology on society. It will discuss some ways it can hinder reputations and how private matters can become public property because of technology. My paper will also reveal how technology can bring people closer together, although many people may beg to differ. Today’s society is driven and greatly influenced by technology. This can be a beneficial fact, and it can also be detrimental and yield major problems.

Whether one is using a digital camera in order to snap a photo of a precious moment, or whether one is sneaking and videotaping an embarrassing video that will last forever, these are components of technology that effect society because it effects people.

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It is in the eye of the beholder of whether technology has more or less advantages than disadvantages on society. My paper will discuss some advantages and disadvantages of technology on society. There are many advantages of technology.

Technology allows people to email, text, talk on the telephone, mow the lawn, vacuum carpets, blend food, straighten hair, add numbers, and the beneficial list goes on. Without technology, people would not be able to keep in touch with loved ones as easily; they would have to physically walk and talk face-to-face because cars would not even exist to deliver letters. We wouldn’t be able to cook many of the foods that we enjoy and that are nutritional. Mothers-to-be wouldn’t be able to see digital images of her baby nor hear its little heart beat without the power of technology. Many jobs, such as graphic…

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