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Adolescent Stage – Short Essay

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Angelica Lopez Adolescent Stage The term adolescence is commonly used to describe the transition stage between childhood and adulthood. Adolescence is also equated to both the terms “teenage years” and “puberty. ”I fully agree that this stage in the human life cycle is the most difficult. Adolescence is basically a time of storm and stress. This concept may be recognized in the various dimensions of self. These dimensions include: physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and ethical self.

In the adolescence period, an individual’s hormones begin to react at various moments, hence, the emotional dimension is present causing feelings such as: love, happiness, sadness, and anxiety; these feelings may lead up to stressful situations which are difficult to handle. Storm, is recognized in the individual social dimension because he/she will be exposed to society more and various problems will arise depending on their level of socialization. The physical dimension is visible due to the fact that the adolescence body begins to develop which may be difficult depending on how the individual views his/her self with the changes.

Intellectually, the teenager has the capacity to learn a variety of things; therefore, he/she will have a hard time adapting to the higher level of education. The ethical self is most important in my perspective because it defines an individual value system, and teenagers are faced with peer pressure at this stage; hence, arising at problems due to peer pressure with knowing what’s right and wrong. The various dimensions mentioned prior are key aspects in the development of an individual.

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Adolescent Stage – Short Essay

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The adolescence is face with more responsibilities for each dimension at this stage; consequently, allowing difficulties to arise as the child has to adopt to such a stage in his/her life. As you can see, many conflicts are possible at this stage of life as it is a major transition that occurs for a child. To conclude, I believe it is defiantly the most difficult stage in the human life cycle because I am experiencing such a stage, and I feel that the amount of hardships that I must endure has prepared me for life’s journey .

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