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Abolitionist dbq

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Abolitionist DBQ In the united States from 1861 to 1865 the American Civil War took place over a disagreement between Northerners and Southerners ot their interpretation ot the Consitution and view on slavery. There were many factors that played a role in creating and helping the war start and end, and one specifically Is the mass amounts of rebellions and abolitionists.

The Abolitionist Movement, whose ranks were made up of whites and blacks, not only acted as a catalyst for the emancipation of slavery but resulted In an Inevitable demonstrative civil war that Is accepted and supported y the abolitionists for the greater cause.

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Abolitionist dbq

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. There was a range of intensity In the varying abolitionists. For example, some Ilke Abraham Lincoln sought the gradual abolition of slavery, which was associated with a certain organization that catered to do this (l).

Abraham Lincoln and the Quakers supported the American colonization society founded In 1817. other abolitionists, more radical, favored an immediate end to the unjust institution of slavery; they did so by spreading the wareness and message through literature and rebellions. Some important radical abolitionist are: Theodore Dwight weld, a simple, self-educated man that wrote American Slavery As It Is, which is a pamphlet informing in ignorant of slavery written in 1839.

Another huge advocate are the Beechers', but most Importantly Harriet Beecher Stowe who wrote uncle Tom's Cabin, a book that caused a huge reaction against the abolition of slavery. In addition, William Lloyd Garrison published the newspaper, The Liberator, that had a heavy response. Moreover, Frederick Douglas, a orn slave, wrote the autobiography The Life of Frederick Douglas. In all, there were many more abolitionists but these were the most radical of them all.

Harriet Beecher Stowe's uncle Torn's Cabin showed the Injustice in slavery and made it apparent to all people, which caused a response in the masses (P). This book is one of concrete pushes towards the abolishment of slavery and gains a mass base of believers. Likewise, Garrison's newspaper, The Liberator, told people the truth about slavery and states he "WILL BE HEARD" (E). Coincidentally, Nat Turner's Rebellion out broke at he same time as The Liberator, which caused some Southerners to take action and pursue war.

It also brought a lot of believers and followers. The power of literature brought great change throughout the nation at this time. Frederick Douglas makes this apparent because his autobiography upset the South and gave strength to the North. He states that without antislavery movements the war would not have progress as fast and slavery would have stayed a nation of slaves Looking at the joining of California as a state, It brought much conflict between this inevitable war nd abolltlonlsts only helped progress It.

Kansas and Nebraska Act also split the nation badly. In all, the abolitionist made an impression and acted as a catalyst to the end of slavery because even Danlel Webster noticed that everything was changing in which he said he and the South would tight back (D). With all ot the abolitionists movement it only caused the inevitable war _ In addition. Congress brought power to the lesser of the time (H). For example, Wilberforce University, a black college, empowered and brought bonds to owner the war. Congress noticed and needed to fght back.

So the south responded with war (N). For example, the firing of Ft. sumpter that started the civil war. In return the North used immigrants such as the slaves, Irish, Germans, to supply the war with masses (G). The North in the long run had the masses due to the ratio slaves had over all other populations, and the manufacturing advantage they had (E). The food supply, textile advantages all played a role to win over long time over the South and kill their morale and win the battle. In all, the abolitionists started and helped progress the war and end slavery.

In the union from 1861 to 1865 the American Civil War took place because a disagreement between Northerners and Southerners of their interpretation of the Constitution and view on slavery. Many factors that played a role in creating and helping the war start and end, and one specifically is the mass amounts of rebellions and abolitionists

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