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A Sacred Product

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In our current society, material things really do matter, as these things make our lives much easier and comfortable. We need to have certain types of gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, PDAs or the likes in order to function well and communicate with the people around us. We also need to have cars in order to get to work or school. Without these things, our lives would be much harder and complicated.

Technological advancements have changed the way we live and also the society living in it. In addition, with all the advertisement and marketing strategies employed by companies, most people now immensely feel the need for these material things that they could no longer ignore them. However, we may be surrounded with material things that we use as tools for our convenience, but I do believe that some of these things are not just a tool but a part of us.

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Everyday, I have a routine of waking up in the morning then staring at the ceiling for a couple of minutes before finally getting up. That short p of time is my moment to reflect about the things that happened the day before. I think of the specific things that happened in terms of the words and the actions that a friend, an acquaintance, or a stranger had done to other people or to me.

After a few minutes of reflection, I get out of the bed and I make a cup of coffee. I then sit on a comfortable chair and gaze on the view outside the window. I then try to appreciate what I see and enjoy the moment of peace and tranquility of the small garden that we have. I observe the grass that rises from the rich soil and examine the small colorful flowers that have bloomed.

While I take a sip of my favorite Starbucks Coffee, I think of the activities that I want and need to do, such as deadlines, office work, catching up with old friends, and seeing my family. I also think of the chores that need to be finished for the day. I plan and organize early in the morning, as it is the time when I can focus more as my mind is clear. If I am not organizing my plan for the day, I would be writing the things that I have in my mind.

The scent of coffee adds to the aura of the mornings. It somehow sets the mood and awakens my sense due to its strong and tangy flavor. Home-made Starbucks Coffee has become one of my strongest weapons in the morning, as it brings life to my mind.

My mornings would not be complete without a cup of coffee; it lightens my mood and takes away the sluggishness of mornings. Coffee has been a part of my daily routine that I regard it as a sacred product that I cannot do without. It is like a habit (or maybe an addiction) that I cannot give up because it livens up mood to start my day right.

Starbucks Coffee houses are also a venue for many of my friends to just relax and unwind due its peaceful and calming ambience. In that quiet little spot, we talk about our concerns such as our jobs or the current situation of our country. We also talk about entertainment and music which I and my friends enjoy.

But how come coffee has become one of the most popular drinks which an individual or a group of people enjoy? I believe that advertisements and media, which are one of the most influential aspects of society, have made a simple coffee into a social construct. The endless TV commercials and the seemingly ubiquitous ads are one of the many reasons that caused coffee to become a thriving industry that is well-known to different people not only in the United States but also around the world.

Another good aspect of coffee shop advertisements that I believe have captured the attention of many is the theme of having a place to just stop and relax after many hours of work. Coffee shops provide the space for friends and family to just be together, talk about anything, reminisce the old times, and reflect on their past experiences together. The inviting advertisements entice everyone to try coffee, and before anyone knew it, coffee has already become a become part of his or her everyday life.

In conclusion, most people have their own sacred products that they use or need to have in order to have their lives complete. Although material things are truly needed by everyone, it must be taken in mind that advertisers and media are only promoting products and it is their job to do so. Still, there are things that we really need and there are things that we do not really need. It is our discretion if we need a product and not the advertisements that entice us to buy their products. We must be wise consumers and not just believe in the advertisements of companies who just want to increase their profit.

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