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A Multi-national state

A Multi-national state is a nation-state which composed of various cultures which often competes for the control. Because of this, there is instability within that state which can be overcome by several methods. One of these methods is by having certain federations within the state.

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Through this, each nation is granted with certain powers within the state. The positive side in this is that it is easier to regulate, since these nations manage themselves. However, it could lead to problems resulting to competition between these nations. They should be given proper delimitations to avoid further conflicts (Xhaferi, 1998).

Another method to maintain peace in a multinational state is the secession or the withdrawal of a nation within the state. This is achieved by complete separation of the nations. An example would be the separation of Czechoslovakia where Slovakia has seceded thus leaving Czech Republic. The positive side of this secession is that the nations become completely separated. They become individual nations which is greatly different back when they are still merged with the other nations.

The problem however, is that division of these nations would take them back to scratch, wherein they would have to work on becoming an individual nation. It is like starting a new country or nation from square one. This would require the attention of the whole nation wherein their cooperation is the biggest help in the success of their newly separated nation. They will also have to work on establishing their international relations (Xhaferi, 1998).

There is also another method to maintain peace in a multi-national state. This involves public mobility which could lead to civil wars. This would force the nation to take action which would lead to the formation of federations or the initiation of secession. This would however be very costly as well as damaging for those who will engage in the civil war.



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