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A Logger’s Lament

The article talks about the life of our loggers and how they should be seen in a larger picture.

Loggers are always considered as people who cut trees, leaving them bare and causing discomfort for other species in the forest.

But looking into it more closely, loggers do not have any difference from the endangered species that most of the environmentalist groups are rallying for protection.

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They are just like the farmers that we all know, gathering produce when wheat and other crops are all ready to be picked, the only difference is that loggers are harvesting large products compared to wheat, but the concept are all the same. These loggers are cutting trees and planting trees for replacement.

They spend more than thirty years taking care of their trees, keeping in mind that eventually they will be able to yield what they have been spending their time with. If one could analyze it, they are spending almost half of their lifetime for just one tree to be harvested in the end. Yet, these loggers are losing in numbers, because they are not being provided with the right market for them to progress.

Tree-cutting is not awful against the environment if only you replace what you have removed. Every tree being cut should be replaced with another tree to keep everything in balance, and that is what our loggers our doing. Yet, some groups restrict this cutting of trees because they are to take care of animals in the forests that might lose their natural habitats.

We need our loggers for our wood products such as paper and furniture. We need them for the preservation of the forests out there. But what are we doing to preserve these people?

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