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A Life in the Day of Me

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"Beep, Beep! Beep, Beep!"

From under the warm, snug land of nod, my hand flops out and brutally swats at the little silver alarm clock, which I despise because it has the pleasure of making me wake up every morning.

I sit up, and try to think about what to do next, my head still full of pillows. I check the time- 6:35 and idly flop back down.

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A Life in the Day of Me

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I am about to return to slumber-land when Molly the pregnant multicoloured cat plods in. I lie on my side and stare at her. A warm, owlish glazed gaze stares back and I jump energetically to action! Well, more of an idle flop out of bed, really. I then stumble like a drunken sailor across my room to check on a few other minor details in my daily life- my pets. I first peer at Gordon the stick- insect and give him a quick spray of water to moisten him up. I then tap on Bob the wild voles' little cage check his supply of food and water. Next is Ruby and Pip the rats who are also rattling their bowls like ungrateful toddlers. I throw in a few choice morcels of 'Rody rat Food'.

I notice Molly and Bagpuss, my other cat, sponging for their breakfast in the doorway. I stagger downstairs after them, to the kitchen, where they are given 'whiskas' cat food, which I might add, is probably both the most revolting smelling, and looking pet food I have ever had the 'pleasure' of serving!

Last but not least are the outside pets: Poppy and Annabelle the guinea- pigs, Socks the rabbit and his sister, Saffy who has five baby bunnies, who are given 'Russel' rabbit food. That's not all yet! The very last but just as important member of the family is Ren the 'lonely' goldfish, who is given 'Tetra-Finn' goldfish flakes. You might be thinking what a zoo I have, but we love them all very much!

I now, finally have time to sort my own self out. By this time I am partially conscious, so I leap wilfully into the shower, before anyone else and battle with the hot and cold taps until I feel I am sufficiently cleansed. I then do everything, which anyone else normally does during their time in the bathroom.

I always dry my hair naturally or I look like something which has stepped out of a Stephen King book, and scrape it back or do something with it until it looks something vaguely like a 'style'(not one of my strong points!).

I am normally late by now so I yank on clothes like... well, how anyone else does- underwear, then trousers, shirt, tie, socks. Ah! The socks- I always make sure they are nothing short of...,well, comical.

They are either 'Chicken Run', 'The Simpsons', 'Wallace and Gromit', a silly pattern or just odd!

My next task is then to check my bag and do any un-done home work for the day, whilst trying to bolt down a slice of dry bread, or anything which resembles breakfast material.

Most days I combine these few tasks with: yanking on my normally muddy Doc Martens, trying not to fall over, poking my head out the window to check on the (usually grim) weather situation, rifling through all my pockets for a door key and asthma pump, being groaned at by Mum who is scowling at her wrist watch, tripping out of the front door and finally shoving my untidy self and scrappy school belongings into one of three cars.

I most enjoy travelling to school in my sister's (katy) metallic- blue Mini because it feels as through you are in a mini rollercoaster (especially going over bumps), and I LOVE roller- coasters!

Our highly intellectual conversation whilst on our ten minute journey to school and Mum to the school where she teaches normally consists of:

"You really need to get up earlier in the mornings, Holly, especially as it's Monday. I've got to get to school and do things."

"Yes, Mum." OR..

"I really don't know how you can concentrate at school without eating breakfast!"

"OK, I'll try, Mum." OR..

"Oh, no! I forgot my music money/ that slip you were supposed to sign/ my door key/ my HOMEWORK!!!"

Every one at school is generally in a chatty mood when I arrive. On certain days one person gets out of bed the wrong way and makes us miserable too. Charlene is always there with her sixth form boyfriend Anthony, and everyone joins on for a good natter. When Vicky arrives, Anthony or herself have a good scoff at each other if there has either been a Manchester United or Arsenal match- or no match at all!

When the pips go, from Charlene it's normally "G'iss a kiss!" to Anthony, who either pretends not to have heard or actually kisses her.

In form time I make sure I am listening for my name, then I can start thinking- usually about lessons to come.

My favourite lessons generally are Textiles, English and History- mainly because most of the time you get to give your own opinion about issues, but most of all because I can then use my own ideas such as creative writing in English and designing and making children's clothes in Textiles.

My friends and I natter like educated mice about who shot Phil, who fancies Emma, what happened at Penenden Heath last night Jenny, and can I borrow your homework, PLEASE!!

By lunch time I am generally bored and longing for sleep. I either eat sandwiches filled with tuna (brain food- I wonder why!) or pasta with bolognese, or sometimes just a salad. I tend to only drink water most of the time because fizzy drinks are not very appealing when you are so thirsty!

Most lunch times Vicky and Emma like to go and flirt with boys in our year. I find this quite pathetic. Charlene and I share this thought, so we sit and talk about people or well, just about anything. When the days are getting close to half-term or a holiday, we like to plan a trip to Chessington with Anthony and Jennifer. Quite often a food fight starts up or Gary comes over to show us his 'Where did it go?' coin trick, which keeps us amused for most of the forty-five minutes. Occasionally, I will have the odd arm wrestle or slap fight.

After lunch I feel more at ease with the day, knowing that there are only two lessons to go.

My favourite afternoon of the week is a Friday (of course!), when everyone is winding down and preparing events for the weekend, such as going into town for no apparent reason (which I really hate!), and the teachers are just as tired as us, so they understand our lack of intelligence.

After school I eat a snack of rice- cakes or a sandwich. Quite often I like to go for a bike ride with my friend Rachel through the Barming Woods to see the haunted tree, although we have to be careful that we show respect, because a signalman was hung there years ago and no one is allowed (or able) to cut it down, so there are loads of tree stumps around it! Spooky, eh?

When I get home, I like to relax and watch you know what! (T.V.). On some nights I do trampolining which I love because it is actually very relaxing and good for you! At the moment I am working on the wide gap between silver and gold award (up to back-wards somersault).

During sometime every day I like to sit on my bean bag and think about things like what happened during the day, how I feel, what to do tomorrow, what sort of career I would like to have in twenty years, people, things like that, or I write them down in a diary, just to make me feel better.

After dinner with my family, I do any homework needed to be done and get ready for bed quickly because I love wearing my pyjamas- they are so comfy!!

If my sister is home I go and talk to her about her day. Most evenings, her boyfriend and soul-mate Del (Derek) comes round and they go out to the Muggleton, the Thirsty Pig, Hogshead, or the Union bar. Katy is almost nineteen and about a centimetre taller than me. I think she is very beautiful (and so does everyone else). She has extremely long brown naturally curly hair and large blue eyes. I find her interesting in terms of dress sense and personality. She tries very hard to think differently to others and always makes sure things are fair- I find this in my Mum and Dad as well because I have always regarded our family as very different to others I have seen. For example- none of us like football but we all love old music by people like Louis Armstrong.

My Mum is brave - she is a teacher for special needs, and my Dad is a post-man in the Sutton Valence area.

When I am older I would definitely like to work with animals. I would like to get a job and save up to run a cattery for ill treated cats.

I but I do not just want a career, I want to travel around the world, see everything, have great experiences, break records. Sometimes I feel so angry that people take what they have for granted. Why do people want others to be so unhappy? It also makes me angry that people do not care what they do or how they do it. Why do people want to be the same as each other? What would really make me happy would be to have the power to iron out the world- there would be no poor, no rich, no evil, no such thing as prejudice- everyone would have the same amount of money and food etc. People can dream, I suppose.

I talk to things like this to my parents and sister, especially Mum, who enjoy working with children and people with disabilities etc. In the evenings I also love to talk to Dad, who enjoys art and pottery and things like that. I, my self love animals, roller-coasters, art, colours, trampolining, bike riding, writing stories and lots of different 'grunger' music. There are lots of things I like, but also lots of things I dislike; big gold jewellery, cruelty to animals, romantic films, pop music, pink, being bored, sitting still for too long, football, and people who are horrible to others for no reason.

On Friday evenings I get eight pounds allowance, which is spent very differently every week. I feel really bad that I have not got a job at the moment, although I have had several paper rounds, one of which I kept for almost a year.

I think I could say that not many people understand me very well, but the truth is, I really do not care! Vicky is always on at me for being unsociable. I do not care about that either! I tend to keep my thoughts to myself than talk about them. Around 10:30 PM my thoughts start to get a bit more muddled because my mind knows that it has done its job for the day, and is time to rest. I am normally snoozing by 11:00PM but inside, my brain is going "tick, whirr, clunk!" as it is thinking "nooo! It's Monday tomorrow," or "yes! It's Saturday tomorrow!" But right at the back, where the cobwebs are I am thinking "I am so lucky," because of my life so far.

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