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A Case study into Counselling and Mentoring

Guidance is the procedure utilizing to assisting people to work out their jobs and acknowledge their feelings. It ‘s a face to confront confidential session between counselor and the client. Counselling helps promoting a alteration in public presentation.

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it is about assisting and back uping a individual to happen an apprehension and replies when he ‘s working for an organisation. Counselling is a friendly, helpful and positive progress to personal development. There is two attacks

Direct Counselling-Counsellor Give all the waies and replies to work out their jobs

Eg: Health visitants are qualified nurses with specialist preparation who work in the community. They help people with a mental unwellness to go on to populate in their place. Health visitants can:

aid you stay healthy by speaking to you about diet and exercising

be person to speak to

offer practical advice about nutrient, hygiene and daily life

2. Indirect Counselling- Counselee is capable to place his or her jobs and

Promote the other party to discourse their jobs.

Eg: Couple councelling -address their jobs originating adault relationship between them and promote them to disscuss and decide.



Offering advice and assisting staff development

Provides an of import foundation of way in concern activities

Procedure of assisting people to acknowledge their feeling about jobs

Helping people to get the better of their jobs and develop their public presentation

Assist people to place what cause of their long clip jobs

More significance based

Main end or thought is helps people to understand themselves clear and better

Reding supports the person with their impacting fright and demands in a safe and swearing relationship.

Wider focal point and better power

assisting to calculate an person ‘s thought and values in a positive manner

Looking on calling and personal development

This is an relationship between two individuals

Challenges, support apprehension and professional development.

Mentor is more qualified, knowing and more experient than mentee

Help new employees get used to to the working environment.

Mentoring helps to alter the civilization in an organisation

Mentee can better his/her cognition


One Person is assisting other individual to develop his calling in occupation more efficaciously and advancement. The individual who called wise man is more experient and knowing than mentee.

Eg: In any organisation Seniors giving preparation for juniors until they manage themselves.

A drive teacher teaching to new scholar to go a good driver.

Measuring Counselling and Mentoring.

When we measuring mentoring one individual assisting another individual to develop his accomplishments and ideas in that procedure the individual who holding helps he will be manage to sort-out the jobs on his ain thoughts and implement it and besides he will be able to develop his accomplishments without taking any aid from anybody and perform in the existent environment

B. ( B ) Identify personal and professional accomplishments required to run into your administrations

And your ain ends and research methods to better them.


YOUR Goals



Listening accomplishments

Pull offing people skill

Communication accomplishments

Technical accomplishments



Learning accomplishments

Time managing

Stress direction accomplishments


Correct staff

Time managing


Correct merchandises

Relationship at work

YOUR Goals



IT Knowledge

Leader ship



Use Microsoft PowerPoint to give clear professional cognition to co-workers

New engineering

Personal Skills

Personal accomplishments are the accomplishments holding to decide the jobs in life every bit good cover with the challenges successfully in a positive mode. The chief identified personal accomplishments are as follows

Time Management

Many troughs find themselves increasing their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours work like a mountain, normally spend much clip to complete but they unable to complete on clip because they non pull off to command the clip which they passing within their on the job hours. That ‘s why clip direction is really of import as a personal accomplishment. The cardinal point on clip direction is effectual and efficient usage of one ‘s clip to enable necessary undertakings to be completed within their timeframes in a structured and prioritised mode

Stress direction accomplishments

Human ‘s reaction emphasis is seen more they on work than the other state of affairs. In modern state of affairs anyone feeling threatened or under force per unit area will demo the same symptoms. Those are increased blood force per unit area, increased bosom round and watchfulness

To cut down the emphasis best method is clip pull offing, making exercisings, learn express myself, self-rewarding and relaxing.

Problem resolution accomplishment

Any administration or any male monarch of occupation of all time be free from jobs if we able to make that

it ‘s an good illustration for personal skill.the stairss for job resolution

Reduce the job in to manageable pieces and cover one at a clip.

Without blowing clip for scaling the job attempt to decide it

Without look intoing back and past believe what to make in front

Talk to trusted college for certain programs and place their reaction

Learning accomplishments

Learning is something we do for ourselves.everytime we can larn and it helps to better our cognition twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours every bit good as it ‘s an good accomplishment to better personal and organisational ends.

Professional accomplishments

Professional accomplishments are of import for every person, whether employed or non. It is critical for every concern and professional organisation to increase the cognition and accomplishments of their employees. They should seek to increase the quality of public presentation, to guarantee an betterment on the personal and professional accomplishments.

1.IT Knowledge

IT cognition is an professional accomplishment to better organisation end every bit good as personal end. Besides its an benefit to do all the work needs to be done easier and faster.

E.g. : when making a presentation easy and professional to utilize Microsoft power point and do the slides and present it.

2. Multitasking accomplishment

Multitasking average ability to make more than one work at same clip. It ‘s an good accomplishment to rush up work and salvage the clip and cut down the emphasis in work. It helps to increase organisation productiveness.

3. Leadership

Leadership accomplishment is a good illustration for professional accomplishment. It helps to take everybody and demo them right manner and the methods and it helps to better organisation ends.

( C ) .What is Time Management

Time managing is art of set uping, forming programming and budgeting one ‘s clip for the intent of bring forthing more effectual work and productiveness. Time direction is more of import for everybody.

Many troughs find themselves increasing their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours work like a mountain, normally spend much clip to complete but they unable to complete on clip because they non pull off to command the clip which they passing within their on the job hours. That ‘s why clip direction is really of import as a personal accomplishment. The cardinal point on clip direction is effectual and efficient usage of one ‘s clip to enable necessary undertakings to be completed within their timeframes in a structured and prioritised mode.


More Productiveness

Less emphasis

Achieve ends on clip

Time direction helps to increase the productiveness in a organisation. It save staff turnover and increase the end product.

Time direction helps to cut down stress degree for eg.if director holding more work to complete within a clip frame and if he mange the clip decently he can cut down his emphasis level.it helps to bask the work and increase the organisation productiveness every bit good.

Time direction helps to accomplish ends on clip, any director can pull off his clip for finish his work force within the clip frame he will accomplish his personal ends on clip.Eg acquiring honoring for his work like salary increases and publicities.

( D ) .Value of Professional Development

Professional development is one of the foundations of our working lives. It ‘s a procedure which keeps us interested in our work, gives us the thrust to come on our callings, supports industry competitory and in the terminal makes us employable throughout our lives.

Value of CPD


Develop practical tactics to unlock and transcend the single potency

Widen personal webs and chances

Be able to find preferable method of larning and development in front maximal benefit in the hereafter by doing smarter professional development picks.

Opportunity to step up and alter the function in the organisation.

Continuingly update the cognition and accomplishments


Widening Skills

More chances for the organisation to widen their concern

Expand the concern and increase the productiveness

Give staff the capableness to spread out or alter their function

Give staff the accomplishments to work with new engineering

Organizations are up to day of the month and competitory

Minimise the hazard of professional mistakes

Make the work force and concern procedures more efficient

Eg: In Tesco Pharmacy- because of the combination of their modern dispensaries and extremely trained support staff, will hold more clip to pass with clients giving one-to-one advice on medical specialties and life style.

They be an indispensable portion of the shop squad and when anybody articulation with Tesco as a Pharmacy Manager, so he will besides work closely with the direction squad and will take charge of developing others, training and developing staff and be given ample chance to work on their ain Continuing Professional Development ( CPD ) .

Tesco is a big retail merchant but they guarantee their druggists are given the environment to be professional. It ‘s these high criterions their clients have come to anticipate and Tesco holding confident that whatever thier aspirations and demands, and have the chances and support to assist them do the most of directors calling.

( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.tescopharmacy-jobs.com/career-development/index.htm )

Undertaking 2

Carry out a personal accomplishments audit which identifies preferred learning manners and that

Focuss on the accomplishments required for effectual direction and leading. Your

Answer must explicate phases of personal accomplishments audit every bit good as preferred acquisition


Explain and measure the methods to supervise the effectivity of your ain acquisition


What is Skills audit?

A skill audit provides a appropriate manner of meeting information about the available abilities of people for a specified undertaking

A personal accomplishments audit

Personal accomplishment audit is back uping to place strengths, failing, chances and dainties which will turn to to place certain spreads and the manner fulfil those spreads by taking necessary actions.

Learning styles-Learning manners are the different methods or ways of acquisition.

There are three types of acquisition manners

Ocular Learners

Auditory Learners

Kinesthetic Learners

Ocular Learners

These types of scholars learn through seeing. They needs to watch organic structure linguistic communication and the facial visual aspect to understand.

Auditory Learners

These types of scholars learn through hearing.

Kinesthetic Learners

These types of scholars learn through moving, making touching.

Dr Peter Honey and Alan Mumford ( 1986 ) developed a acquisition manners questionnaire, based on Kolb to mensurate how people learn, to place their learning strengths, to promote persons to develop their learning possible and study on how they can better their acquisition manner. They clarified the four chief larning manners as:

There are four different acquisition manners














Learn from

New experiences and challenges which to larn

Competitive teamwork and job resolution


Learn from

Encourage to watch or believe

Think before moving and adjust before get downing

Have clip to reexamine their acquisition

Help to interchange positions with other people

Without danger

Can make a determination without force per unit area and tight deadlines


Learn from theory, theoretical account or construct

Think jobs in a logical measure by measure


Learn from existent life jobs

Shown techniques for making things with apprehensible practical advantages

Harmonizing to Honey Mumford Learning styles strong effectual acquisition manners are theorist and pragmatist. By rehearsing activities develops their abilities in this acquisition manner, Pragmatist develops the accomplishments by rehearsing like militant. Theorist is identified as low. So by rehearsing the activities theorist can increase their learning ability, Reflector is identified as really low. So reflectors should set more activities to better their acquisition.

How can supervise Effectiveness of my ain acquisition manner

Harmonizing to honey and Mumford method I am an Militant scholar

I would wish to larn from new experiences and the challenges which I can confront besides when I am working as a squad ( team work ) I am larning new things personally.

Methods to supervise the public presentation of Activist manner

I can supervise my MBA public presentation on Activist manner by

Learning from new experience analyzing different faculties and confronting challenges in group plants.

Self appraisals

Personal accomplishments audit is an of import measure when you are be aftering a calling alteration.

Scale 1-something you are really weak

Scale5-something you are really good







Bing originative


Leading a squad


Using theory


Solving jobs




Using above chart I can mensurate my strength and failings in my accomplishments besides can utilize a personal SWOT analysis for step it.

Personal SWOT analysis


good at working in a squad

work outing jobs

good at communicating with people

good authorship accomplishments

Ability to taking hazard


Not much presentation experience

do n’t wish making presentations

Not finish twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours surveies


Complete MBA within 1 twelvemonth

Working experience in nutrient retail industry


altering regulations in college

hard to happen Job in suited field

-Strengths and failings are normally things internal to me-personal accomplishments

-Opportunities and menaces are normally external factors might impact to personal life

Undertaking 3


What is personal development program?

It ‘s a personal program or specific measuring to recognize the demand to better in peculiar countries in our personal life

Where I am now?

At present following station alumnus sheepskin in concern surveies at Edexcel through London school of direction and scientific discipline which is taking to Master of Business disposal programme in Glyndwr University.

At present I am working as a Duty director at Co-operative group.Co-op is a 1 of the largest retail company in UK every bit good as biggest husbandmans.

Education background

I have completed Diploma information engineering at NIBM Sri Lanka.

I have completed Advance professional sheepskin in concern surveies ( Level 5 ) at south bank college

I have completed sheepskin in computing machine surveies at south bank college

Future Plans

I hope to making specialise in HR direction after my Master in business

Be a shop director in Co-op every bit shortly as finish my Master in business

By 2014 be a HR director any bank in UK.

Current aims and ends

My current aim is to finish my MBA programme which is traveling to be finish by grand 2011. Meanwhile go on my current occupation as a responsibility director value to my bearer.

Personal accomplishments

Working as a leader with any figure of squad and achieve ends. Having much cognition about IT which is supported to my bearer. Solving the jobs in good mode

I am a multitasking individual who can make so many occupations at a clip. And besides I am holding good clip direction accomplishment in my life it helps to cut down my emphasis degree when I am working and increase the productiveness personally and to my organisation every bit good.

I would wish to listen people and take their thoughts and better my cognition.

My personal SMART analysis program

This will assist me to make my ends on clip.

Specific – all my ends are good defined. To finish my MBA I do my surveies on a regular basis.

To my bearer development for managerial degree, I improve my leading accomplishments by making specific preparation and on my work topographic point every bit good.

Measurable- I spend about 5 hours per hebdomad for my surveies and working 20 hours per hebdomad

Every hebdomad I am look intoing what I have did for my occupation and keep a dairy how much I spend per hebdomad for my disbursals.

Attainable – I spent excessively much clip to watch films per hebdomad but I cut down for 2 hours per hebdomad

Relevant – I am loosen uping more clip after finish my work

Academic – I am seek to complete my Surveies within the timeframe which was given by the college and accomplish my ends

Time bound – Needs to be control clip direction and certain clip period for each end.

Scheme for personal developing a program

PESTLE analysis concentrating on institutional function gives me better understand about my direction work.

My personal grind analysis


Personal accomplishments



It knowledge


Problem work outing


Communication accomplishments


Time direction



Learn professional accomplishments


Government regulations and ordinances

When I need to plan a personal development program foremost I need to put nonsubjective for following inquiries

1.What do I need to larn?

2.What should I make to accomplish this?

3.What resources or support will I necessitate?

4.What will my success standards be?

5.What will be my mark day of the months for completion

What do I need to larn?

I need to finish my MBA and need to larn how to make presentations properly

What should I make to accomplish this?

Giving my full strength for surveies and complete the class works on clip and complete my MBA on clip.

What resources or support will I necessitate?

Training for composing accomplishments, better communicating accomplishments every bit good as more books for read as resources.

What will my success standards be?

Time direction and squad work

What will be my mark day of the months for completion?

I hope to complete my surveies ( MBA ) by 2012 and be a shop director every bit shortly as possible

In the terminal by 2015 be a HR director.


What I am I

Trying to accomplish

What internal

Failing is

Standing in the


What external

Menace is worrying me


Can I travel to assist

When am I

Ask for aid

How will

I review


Get promoted from current Job

Need to finish my surveies



Speak to my

Ops trough

Anybody who willing to assist

Discuss my advancement with my director every month

Construct up my instruction makings

Equally much as I can

Fiscal jobs



Or college

My married woman

Discuss my advancement with my talks

every month

Be a HR director


Credit crunch


Anybody who can rede me

My former director

My ego