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2nd Amendment Paper

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When I think about the dreams of the founders I think about the amendments. These amendments represented their core beliefs. When I think about that I look at society and think how well have the amendments been followed. In a sense most of the amendments have been followed well, but in the last 20 or 30 years that has been declining rapidly. The 1st amendment, probably the easiest to follow is being silently fought. Now it may not be illegal to say something but by the time you say it you might have wished it was.

People are beat to a bloody pulp because their opinion of the president, or even worse their favorite sports team. What has this nation come to when we beat a living person to a bloody pulp for the sports team that they like! I think we need to take a step back and look at ourselves for a second. The 2nd amendment is our first freedom. For the last 100 years people have slowly been trying to tax and regulate our right and freedom to bear arms. The 2nd amendment states that their should be a militia ready for times of war. It does not say an army, a militia.

If I remember correctly the definition of militia is a military force raised by civilians to take place of an army in an emergency. Now how are we supposed to act like a military force, if the law abiding citizens of this country cannot buy a basic infantryman's rifle. Yes you can buy a modified version, but we should be able to buy any type of firearm we would like, because it is our right and our freedom. This amendment isn't about no duck hunting. It's about the people's right, freedom, and ability to protect themselves and their country. The 3rd amendment Is our freedom of religion.

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In this day and age christianity is frowned upon, at the time of our founders christianity represented the core belief system of almost every man, woman, and child. Nowadays you have atheists making it illegal to display any signs of religion, you want to put a nativity scene in front of your house, so sorry you probably need a permit for that, or its against your city ordnance. You want to have a christmas party at the local town/city green, no problem, only you need to call it a winter party, winter holiday party, or non denominational festive celebration, pretty insane.

To make matters worse we have a president, a president the leader of a country whose motto is "IN GOD WE TRUST" is supporting the beliefs of Islam, a country who believes that America is satan. You know its bad when we have a muslim president. The constitution has been changed and twisted so much that I bet the founders are doing backflips in their graves. In a society were the sacred organization of marriage is being laughed at and challenged day to day, this isn't just a political challenge its a virtue, and morality challenge as well.

This country was founded on good, christian values and after the influence of God and the Holy Ghost. Christopher Columbus talks about a calm and spiritual feeling coming over him as he studied his maps and sailed on the open waters. There is no question that God had a hand in the founding of this country. At the time of Columbus, Asia had all the necessary means and resources to sail to the new world, and almost did. But Columbus did first and opened the path for God's country, the light set on a hill.

When this countries core belief system is attacked we must defend it, and if it fails we are in deep trouble. The day we take God out of everything is the day we are utterly and absolutely screwed. The founders knew that God must be at the center of our lives and that we must show Godlike attributes for this country to succeed, the amendments did a pretty good job of following the ten commandments if you think about it, for example the 2nd amendment may have something to do with those commandments that talk about coveting, and stealing?

Although there are things wrong with America, and although it is painful to say there are a lot of things wrong but at then end of the day this is still the place, the Country chosen above all other countries to be an ensign unto all nations. To be the place where that great Lord Jesus the Christ will return again, where every knee shall bow and every tongue confess. Although we may be going through some rough times in America we must see the light at the end of the tunnel. When Thomas Jefferson said that there must be a separation of church and state I don't think he realized what trouble he would cause years down the road.

People now think that that statement means that we must take God out of all Politics and Government, the people who believe this are sadly and utterly WRONG. The statement that Thomas Jefferson made in a letter to a friend, not even in the Constitution, stated that we must not allow the Government control the Church, and not allow the Church to control the Government. We now see what happens when people take things out of context. This country is a beautiful one and still offers more than any other country in the world, but that is slowly decaying, and we are rapidly becoming more and more like, other countries in the world.

We must return to the founders first dream, illustrated in the amendments and expressed in their letters and personal documents. We must not remove God from our lives, when we do we decay morally and spiritually and we as a society will slowly but surely spiral out of control. God still loves us and this country. He loves us no matter what, and though we may be going through a rough time in America's history, it will all be for our profit and learning, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and boy it is a bright and glorious one.

This is his country, he inspired Columbus in his studying to find this country. He inspired the founders, to go against the tight grip of England, and write a constitution and declare independence. He inspired the writers and signers of the declaration of independence, to defy a nation and become an even stronger nation, full of love, and freedom. Now in this our darkest time we abandon our God, yet we need to remember that he has not abandoned us. The founders knew that a day would come when the constitution would be challenged, now its up to us as a nation to defend their dream.

We must not give up as a nation, or even as individuals, at the end of the day there is no collective salvation, we must teach our families and our children the correct way of living, a Godlike way of living. We must try first to show faith, hope and charity to ourselves, and then our family, before we can try it as a nation. That is what we need, faith, hope, and charity. That was what the founders wanted to tell us. We must show faith hope and charity. No free government hand-outs.

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